DP allies accuse civil servants of political war

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020 00:00 |
Caleb Kositany, Soi MP and Jubilee Party deputy secretary.

Some MPs allied to Deputy President William Ruto have accused unnamed senior government officials in the Ministry of Interior for allegedly using taxpayers’ money to wage political war against him. 

Led by Soi MP and Jubilee Party deputy secretary Caleb Kositany and Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei, the leaders said senior State officials at Harambee House were sponsoring anti-Ruto campaigns. 

The two leaders said a few individuals in government were uncomfortable with Ruto’s growing influence particularly at the grassroots.

Noting that anti-Ruto forces in government are using every trick in the book to scuttle his 2022 presidential bid, Kositany and Cherargei termed his march as unstoppable more so because majority of Kenyans have embraced “Hustler” movement. 

“We saw it in Kisii, Kajiado and Murang’a counties and we want to tell these government officials that we are aware of their plans,” said Kositany, a longtime ally of Ruto. 

Speaking during the burial of Daniel Kipkosgei arap Yama (Agui) at Selia, Mosop in Nandi county, Kositany cautioned State officials against using their offices to play partisan politics and sponsor chaos.

The deceased was eulogised as a hardworking, disciplined and many valued honest man whose wise counsel. He was uncle to Kositany. He was over 100 years old. 

Governor Stephen Sang (Nandi) and Mosop MP Vincent Tuwei who claimed that the political tiff between President Kenyatta and DP Ruto was a cause of concern locally and internationally. 

“Donors are even shying away because of the political uncertainties in the country,” Governor Sang said.

“Kenya as a country has no problem, the problem lies with leaders who cannot keep their word… they say this in the morning and another thing in the afternoon and in the evening they will be saying a different thing,” he said.  

According to him, Ruto stands a good chance of winning the 2022 presidential election arguing that the “hustler nation” is firmly behind him. “We have a lot of faith in him and we know he is going to be president in 2022,” the legislator said.

“I want to say this because our country is faced with a lot of challenges… I want to tell my fellow politicians to stop using the youth to cause violence,” he said.

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