Dose of Watamu vitamin sea

Saturday, September 21st, 2019 00:00 |
Arial view of the pool.

My biggest guilty pleasure has got to be sunny getaways. Guilty because, well, my pocket gets a shocker every time it gets in sync with my plans.

I did not know much about Sun Palm Beach Resort until, together with friends, we landed in Watamu and our host suggested lunch at the resort.

We instantly fell in love with the place and, in our usual spontaneity, decided to come back that evening for more fun.

It’s already five o’clock when we drive back in and are received at the reception by a warm and pleasant Italian young man, Raffaelle Coniglio, who also gives us a brief tour of the property.

This is literally the biggest and prettiest beach property I have ever been to. I am wowed and think to myself, if I had enough in the bank, this is where I would to live… until I’m bored of course…

Located along Watamu Beach, Sun Palm is in Kilifi County, approximately 120km north of Mombasa. The hotel had just reopened after renovation during the low season.

The high was just starting and things were looking good for the hotel as it was nearly packed to capacity. “Last month, we received about 60 per cent visitation. We have 45 rooms.

So, for a start of the high season, I have to say this is very good. Of all current visitors, 95 per cent are international arrivals,” says the resort’s manager, Johnson Kalisho.

Seafood is a definite fixture on the menu.

I eye the outdoor pool longingly as we pass by the terrace and restaurant, and long even more for the private beach with sun loungers that we’re shown from a distance.

I can’t wait to head there to finish my novel while enjoying the breeze from the sea. I note how the beach is clean and calm; private beaches normally have this advantage, so one gets to enjoy their peace and quiet without much interference.

This is far from the case at my local Jomo Kenyatta public beach, where it can get quite busy, and everyone is trying to extort you, laying traps in form of sundresses and other unique goodies.

We get our keys and are escorted to the rooms, which have a patio and are equipped with a TV, minibar and of course, air conditioning and a hairdryer in the bathroom.

We are glad to know that aside from the two bars at the beachfront, we can have our own little bash thanks to the minibar. Did I mention the flowers, decorative towels, and all the works on the bed, as well as a wine bottle on the table?

I figure I was definitely expected to bring a plus-one along. Add the pink wall art and curtains, and I’d call this an absolute love nest.

Dinner is served at eight and the food is just what I expected from a resort of this calibre. The chefs, just like the rest of the staff, are from the local area, and Coastal cusine is well known across the country.

Well, the minibar and wine bottle did come in handy after the pleasant dinner, as we had a chilled out party.

One secret for beach getaways I have learnt, bring your cool friends, not the larks, so you get to maximise each day and have more fun.

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