Don’t spare Covid-19 funds thieves, President urged.

Sunday, August 30th, 2020 17:18 |
Ahadi trust boss Dr Stanley Kamau (right) with Wangari Mwaura the CEO Lotto Foundation (left) giving a food hamper to Mary Njoki a Kandara resident. PHOTO/PD/WANGARI NJUGUNA

Ahadi Kenya boss Dr. Stanley Kamau has urged the government not to spare any looter of the Covid-19 funds.

Kamau said these people should be charged and jailed for squandering money meant to fight a pandemic.

Speaking Kandara Murang'a, he said the culprits have committed an offense equal to murder and thus should face full wrath of the law.

"If anybody loots funds meant to fight a disease he is no different from a murderer" he said.

"We have seen people die but may be they would have survived if they got proper medical care" added Kamau.

Kamau who is also a director at the Kenyatta National Hospital urged the government not to leave any stone unturned to get to the root of this matter.

"I think this is a high level of insensitivity and anybody involved in this regardless of their status should be held accountable," he added.

"We are waiting for the report that the government promised to produce in 21 days to get to know the truth," he remarked.

The director said the misappropriation of the funds is a set back in the fight against Corona pandemic.

He said it is time for the government to change its strategies to curb corruption in the country.

"There must be some loopholes that people are using to loot public funds and the authorities charged with this mandate should up their game," he said.

He was speaking at Matenjagwo stadium when he partnered with Lotto Foundation to give food donations to over 2,000 vulnerable people.

Wangari Mwaura the CEO of Lotto foundation said they have been going to various counties to distribute food to the vulnerable who have been hard hit by the pandemic.

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