Dog that sniffs cancer in woman

Monday, October 7th, 2019 09:13 |

Maureen Burns from England survived breast cancer after her 10-year-old dog named Max, strangely “sniffed” the disease leading to early detection.

The 64-year-old realised something was wrong when Max started acting strangely in 2012.

He kept sniffing Maureen’s breath and nudging her right breast.

Max’s odd behavior prompted Maureen to check her breasts, and she discovered a small lump in the right one, but the growth did not show up on a hospital mammogram.

Still convinced that something was wrong, she persuaded surgeons to do a biopsy. Maureen’s hunch was proved right when the results confirmed there was a lump — and it was malignant.

She’s had surgery to remove it followed by radiation. Burns is convinced that she is alive today because of her dog’s keen sense of smell.

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