Does having spiritual spouses in the spirit world really exist?

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Does having spiritual spouses in the spirit world really exist?

Milliam Murigi  @millymur1

For the last two months, Faith Wilson* has been having strange dreams at night. The mother of three has been dreaming of having intercourse with an unknown individual.

At first, she thought it was her husband, but after moving from their matrimonial bed nothing changed.

“Every time the man is done with me, I wake up to find my husband is nowhere to be seen.

I have been enjoying every bit of this act and for sure I can confess that the man is way better than my husband.

This has really affected my marriage since I no longer have sexual feelings for my husband,” she explains.

Though her husband has asked for an explanation as to why she no longer sleeps on their matrimonial bed, Faith hasn’t been able to open up to him because she fears their 15-year marriage might come to an end.

Faith is just one of the many women and even men suffering in silence. Shewas manipulated into the terrible bondage of evil spiritual marriage without her knowledge.  

According to Rev Dr Shem Ngiki, Senior Pastor at Kenya Southern Baptist Church, Athi River, spiritual marriages or spiritual spouses is a spiritual problem that has a solution in the church, yet many churches are not preaching about it.

The most unfortunate thing is many people do not believe in its existence, thus many are not willing to openly talk about it and it has remained a taboo.

Faceless people

“One doesn’t need to consent for spiritual marriage to happen. One only needs to engage in sex with a person in the spiritual marriage to be automatically be initiated into spiritual marriage unknowingly.

Married couple. Photo/Courtesy

So many people are captives of spiritual marriages, which are manifested by sex dreams with faceless people or with spirits wearing faces of familiar people (familiar spirits) not by choice or knowledge, but by association,” says Rev Ngiki.

Just like in the physical realm, there are sexually transmitted infections (STIs); therefore, if a person engages sexually with another who is involved in spiritual marriage then both become one not only physically, but spiritually.

This sexual bond of covenant opens the access route for spirits to start engaging sexually with the newly initiated person.

“Just as consent to sex in the physical with a person of unknown health status opens door of access for all STIs with the partner, so also the same bond opens spiritual earlier entered individual covenants to be shared among the sex partners,” he explains.

Rev Ngiki says his first encounter with a person in a spiritual marriage was in 1996. As a church elder, he was invited by a close friend for prayers with her family.

Upon getting to the house and interrogating the family members he was to pray for, he realised the man had entered a covenant of prosperity with satanic agents for quick financial prosperity.

He was given bed sheets to be spread every day on their marital bed and those of his children.

He started making quick money and his accounts started swelling from the proceeds of a car repair shop he was running.

But as money continued to swell, he started having sex every night with a woman he didn’t identify. His wife had sex, too,  with a man she didn’t identify.

Physical sex between husband and wife ceased for they were engaged sexually by the covenant spirits whose services the husband had engaged in.

Fanatism and cults

The situation reached boiling point when his two daughters, aged between five and 11 years, had their childhood innocence and virginity broken by the same spirits.

The girls’ private parts were punctured like they were raped and together with their mother were infected with severe syphilis.

“The most common way spiritual marriage manifests is through sex in dreams. It is satanic to have sex in dreams.

Sex in dreams means demons are having sex with the person. One has no own power to deny spiritual husband and wife sex,” he says.

“Spiritual spouses can affect the married and unmarried. Mostly, one cannot see a spiritual husband or wife with natural eyes, but one can see them spiritually; in dreams, visions, and inaction,” he adds.

The best thing is spiritual marriages can be overcome in the church through deliverance.

The process begins with one surrendering their life to God, repenting and breaking all covenants, ties and agreement within a spiritual marriage and engaging in a deliverance class until total deliverance is achieved.

On her side Gladys Chania, a psychologist says spiritual spouses exist, but in the world of religion and some cultures.

For one to reach the extent of having a spiritual partner or sex with a spirit, one must be very fanatical in their belief.

“Most psychologists don’t believe in spiritual spouses and they tend to think one needs counselling and sort of disorder therapies. Personally I would say that fanatism and cult lead to this behaviour,” she says. 

On  the issue as to whether spiritual spouses affect physical marriages, Chania says that this is true because a spouse with a spiritual partner finds no interest with the earthly partner and this leads to breakups in most families, since most people aren’t ready to open up to their partners about this extramarital relationship.

*Names have been changed to protect subject’s identity.

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