Deputy governor cons his boss of Sh3 million

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 18:38 |

Deputy governor cons his boss of Sh3 million

A deputy governor in Nyanza region has reportedly gone underground after conning his boss of some Sh3 million.

The politician, said to be experiencing a financial crisis, is said to have approached his governor for a soft loan that he promised to refund within two weeks, a request which was granted.

It is now two months since the man switched off his telephone and went into hiding, apparently to avoid repaying the loan.

‘Tanga Tanga’ Cabinet Secretary resigns to fate

A Cabinet Secretary who gravitates towards a troubled faction of the Jubilee Party is reportedly sitting on the edge of his seat.

The man, who enjoys a cordial relationship with one of the top Jubilee Party leaders, has confided in friends that he has already packed his belongings ready to leave the office in the event of a purge on ‘rebel’ Cabinet Secretaries.

Western politician eyes Coast parastatal top job

An unsuccessful candidate for governor in one of the counties in Western Kenya is reportedly lobbying for appointment as the chief executive of a lucrative State corporation, which has its headquarters in Mombasa.

The politician wants to use the plum position as a springboard for a major political comeback, including creating a war chest for a 2022 election rematch with the incumbent who beat him resoundingly in the 2017 poll.

Politician, pastor land dispute deal goes sour

A prominent church leader in Nairobi has declared war on an influential leader after the latter failed to assist him sort out a long-running land ownership wrangle.

The politician, who holds a senior position, had promised the cleric that he would use his good office to ensure that the man’s church was allocated the land in question.

But after being showered with several gifts, the government official refused to play ball, leaving the cleric cursing bitterly. Will the curses take effect?

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