Defence CS Juma restates State support for military

Thursday, October 15th, 2020 00:00 |
Kenya Defence Forces (KDF).

Defence Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma yesterday reiterated the government’s commitment to continued support of the Kenya Defence Forces’ (KDF) troops fighting Al Shabaab militia under Amisom in Somalia.

Juma acknowledged the remarkable contribution by the forces towards fighting for the country’s peace, stating that the soldiers will still remain in Somalia until the peace mission is accomplished.

Kenya first deployed its forces in Somalia in 2011, to counter the resurgence of Al Shabaab militants who threatened security of the African region.

Speaking during the Seventh anniversary of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Day Celebrations at the Mariakani Garrison, Juma applauded efforts made by Kenyan soldiers to maintain peace and security.

Decrease in terror

The CS attributed the significant decrease to terror attacks in the country to efforts made by Kenyan forces in Somalia, where she applauded their efforts to  Instill peace and security.

“KDF has made a significant contribution In Somalia, under Amisom by creating space for normalisation of life, this is a significant effort we don’t take for granted as a government,” Juma said.

Juma said the country will continue heightening measures towards protecting the Kenyan Territories  both in sea water and airspace.

She stated: “The terror attacks have reduced remarkably, this is why the country is celebrating our soldiers in Somalia.”

At the same time, Juma has promised families that lost their loved ones in line of duty that the government is committed to ensure full compensation in time.

“To the families who have lost their loved ones online of duty, they should still feel part of us  and that is why the government will ensure they are not left alone,” she added.

Chief of Defence Forces, General Robert Kibochi affirmed commitment to continued humanitarian services by the forces to the community.

“KDF is expanding its spectrum in humanitarian services in the country as well as offering the needful services to the people, a good example is the NMS,” he said.

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