DCI officers investigate KenGen worker’s shooting

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020 00:00 |
Crime scene. Photo/File

Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) officers in Busia are investigating an incident where a KenGen employee is alleged to have been shot by a senior police officer in Butula sub-county under mysterious circumstances last week.

The County Criminal Investigating Officer (CCIO) Daniel Muleli said his officers are seeking to establish what prompted the shooting and whether it was out of malice or accidental.

Muleli said they are waiting for the victim who is still admitted at Aga Khan hospital in Kisumu to record a statement once he is discharged.

“We are waiting for the victim who is currently admitted at Aga Khan hospital in Kisumu to recover in order to record a statement concerning the incident,” said Muleli.

Speaking to the People Daily, the CCIO revealed that the senior officer has since been disarmed pending full investigations into the incident.

Sources confided in the People Daily that the shooting incident occurred in the senior’s house in Bumala where the KenGen official had intended to spend the night together with his girlfriend.

The senior officer and his two guests are said to have spent the particular day on a drinking spree in Bumala township before they retired to his house later in the evening.

It was while in the house that the senior officer is said to have developed interest in the woman who however rebuffed him.

Sources say an argument later ensued between the senior officer and the KenGen official, before gunshots were heard from the house.

Officers who arrived at the scene said the KenGen official had been shot with two bullets on the abdomen and hand.

The senior officer, a Chief Inspector, later recorded a statement in Busia. 

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