DCI investigates Kiambu Kanu land grab

Monday, August 3rd, 2020 00:00 |
Kiambu KANU branch offices allegedly grabbed by private developers. Photo/PD/ERIC WAINAINA

A plot by some Kanu officials to sell multi-million properties in Kiambu town has lifted the lid on how the independence party has been losing some of its assets across the country through fraud orchestrated by its greedily regional and head office officials.

In the latest case, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is investigating an attempted fraud in which the Kanu Executive Director Joseph Towett and newly-elected Kiambu branch chairman George Wainaina and two others are accused of forging the signature of the party’s national chairman Gideon Moi purportedly sanctioning the sale of the two prime properties.

Revelations come even as it emerges that some other unscrupulous Kanu officials are also scheming to sell more properties in Nakuru, Trans Nzoia, Nyeri and Isiolo counties through alleged fraud.

The party is currently fighting in various courts to repossess several of its properties, unscrupulous individuals including former top officials have grabbed mainly buildings and land and which over the years.

Based at chairman’s office

In the Kiambu case, Towett, Wainaina who is popularly known as Gewa, one Ally Khan who is said to be based in the party chairman’s office and an Eric Munagi Wagithuku are battling claims of conspiring to defraud the party of the two prime properties in Kiambu-Kiambu township block11/52 and Kiambu township block11/53 valued at close to Sh100 million.

The fake letter dated July 23 allegedly authored and signed by Moi and addressed to Wainaina, the party’s National Executive Council (NEC) purports to direct the four to oversee the sale of the properties, one of which has been operating as a carwash.

“Further to our minutes dated 21st February, 2017 regarding sale of party properties, it’s hereby resolved that the party sells some plots within Kiambu county to aid the national secretariat and the Kiambu branch run their operations and perform their respective mandates effectively.

Among the properties to be sold are Township block11/52 and Kiambu Township block11/53,” reads the letter, which lists the four as “the persons duly authorised to carry out the transactions on behalf of the part.”

Wainaina, who was last year paraded in court alongside former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero for allegedly conspiring to defraud City Hall of Sh58 million in 2014 through questionable legal fees, is reported to have forwarded the fake letter to Kiambu County Commissioner Wilson Wanyanga in what has been interpreted as a plot to clear the way for the smooth approval of the transfer of the property by the land board.

Wainaina is also accused of opening a bank account named “Kiambu KANU branch” at Equity Bank Upper Hill branch where he is a signatory.

Kanu Secretary General Nick Salat did not comment on the matter when contacted, saying he would revert once he consulted Moi on the matter which he had not done by the time of going to press.

Wainaina denied taking part in the alleged forgery, saying he only saw the document bearing his name and instead directed People Daily to seek a comment from Moi.

“Ask the chairman because it is him who has signed (the document). I have also seen the letter.

I have not signed it, only that I have been mentioned there. I am not aware of the things you are asking me about,” Wainaina said and denied taking the letter to Wanyanga.

However, Wanyanga claimed that the letter was forwarded to him by Wainaina who is known to him as one of the party officials and therefore never doubted its authenticity.

“The letter was sent to me by people I know. They are the party officials and I think they were sending it to give their positions so as to avert any disagreement. If the letter was given to me by the chairman, how would I doubt it?

If today I tell you something as the county commissioner of Kiambu, would you doubt it? But regarding the authenticity, it’s for the party to say,” Wanyanga told People Daily.

The head of investigations at the DCI John Kariuki hinted that the matter could be the subject of investigations by his officers.

“I am not aware of the matter but it could under investigations by other sections within the DCI like the ones dealing with land or even in Kiambu,” he said.

Towett also said he was aware of the letter, but said he would not respond to it because it was “mere hearsay.”

He was however categorical that at no time has the party taken a resolution to sell the properties in Kiambu.

“We got that report about the letter which we were not aware of and asked the county commissioner to refer the letter back to us in writing so that we can respond to it and also establish where it came from,” he said. 

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