‘D material’ Jubilee politician becomes laughing stock among his peers

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020 17:12 |
Parliament in session. Photo/PD/FILE

‘D material’ politician butt of friends joke

A Jubilee Party-aligned politician, known for dubious academic credentials, has become a laughing stock among his peers after he scored a Dminus in KCSE exams.

The politician had gone back to school after word went round he was a Class Eight dropout.

But despite his effort to save his face the man is now in more trouble as his friends do no want to be associated with a “D material”.

‘Tribal department’ claims rock NCIC

A department at the National Cohesion and Integration Commission is in the spotlight for allegedly going against the ethos of the agency on tribalism.

All bosses in the department are reportedly drawn from one community, and an investigative agency has got a whiff on it.

Our mole intimates that investigations commenced after complaints from various stakeholders to the commission over the leadership composition in the department fell on deaf ears.

What’s more, the bosses in question were seconded by another investigative agency to the commission.

FKF candidate dalliance with honchos puzzling

A candidate eyeing a senior position in the upcoming Football Kenya Federation is said to have spent most of last week in a series of meetings with high-ranking government officials.

The man, who has previously headed some sports organisations, is now believed to be a puppet of the government, especially a Cabinet secretary who was spotted with him in the meeting.

His rivals are confused on what the meetings mean for the election.

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