CS’s agony as he stares at sacking from Cabinet

Tuesday, April 28th, 2020 13:34 |

CS’s agony as he stares at chop from Cabinet

A Cabinet Secretary is at his wits end after he learned he could be relieved of the government job.

The man, who was plucked from a financial institution to join the Jubilee administration has been conspicuously missing from the public limelight, fuelling the speculation about an impending Cabinet reshuffle which he believes will not spare him.

He is trying to figure out who to approach to save him from the looming chop.

Is trade unionist the new political wizard in town?

The residence of a popular trade unionist seems to have become the new salt lick for politicians, with dozens flocking the place for “consultations”.

Despite the unionist’s house being outside the Nairobi Metropolitan area, whose movement in and out has been restricted, high-ranking politicians continue paying “courtesy calls” to the man, sparking speculations on what could be going on.

The man’s palatial house is ever a beehive of activity, with celebrations happening almost on a daily basis. Seemingly, not even Corona can stop this!

Politicians celebrate official’s land woes

Three politicians are said to have broke into song and dance last week on learning the government had repossessed a vast parcel of land linked to a prominent politician.

The three, who have failed to win any elective position in the last two general elections, are said attribute their woes to the politician.

They claim he consistently short-changes his allies.

Parastatal chair won’t step down, 20 years on

Just how has the chairman of a parastatal under the Ministry of Energy docket retained his position for almost 20 years?

The man, said to be dreaded by employees in the agency, has over the years instigated the hiring and firing of more than seven CEOs in the State agency that has been consistently dogged by scandals.

While most parastatal board chairs hardly serve for more than eight years, the man has comfortably remained patched in his position for all the years and he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to step down.

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