Cricket Kenya Constitution torn apart barely a week

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 00:00 |
Edward Odumbe introduces Steve Tikolo in a past event. Looking on is Tariq Iqbal. Photo/PD/FILE

Barely a week since the Cricket Kenya Constitution Review Committee (CKCRC) produced a draft document to members for further consultation all indications point to growing rifts.

Now even members of the same committee are at odds over the contents, which are now naturally raising the heat thus leaving the project in limbo.

Edward Tito Odumbe a key member of the committee has led the fierce onslaught in de-legitimising the document calling it a farce by all accounts. 

He questioned the rationale of coming up with the final print arguing it did not follow due process and that some of the inserts in the draft had not been approved or ratified by the Committee.

He went short of accusing the chairman of the committee Samuel Muthomi of taking sides to please a select few internally.

“There is an unsigned and undated letter circulating in the social media, sent from a Gmail email account, purportedly written by you as the Chairman of Cricket Kenya Constitution Review Committee.

As a member of the Review Committee, I want to believe the said letter and copy of the constitution did not originate from you. 

“If indeed it came from you, kindly clarify the following; why were members of the Review committee not consulted? Why were the Review Committee members excluded from the mailing list?

When was the meeting held to agree on this action? Please share the minutes of the meeting.

Does the Gmail email account belong to Cricket Kenya?” wrote Odumbe in a replying email conversation with the CK office.

In a rejoinder, the chairperson of the CKKRC and CK vice chair Harpal Singh, through a joint signed statement yesterday, released to members to the effect that all laid-down rules were followed. 

“Pursuant to a Board Resolution duly passed on February 8, the Chairperson of the Cricket Kenya Constitution Review Committee (“CKRC”), Samuel Muthomi on April 21 released the agreed draft constitution to various cricket stakeholders commencing the public participation process.

The public participation period lapses on April 29 (tomorrow). This is a key moment for cricket in Kenya and sports in general as it is  the first time all cricket stakeholders have an opportunity to have their voices heard and their views considered during this critical constitution making stage.

CK Interim Vice-Chairman Harpal is accusing the detractors of wanting to disrupt the process through unrealistic demands.

“The main reason for this confusion is that we have people who do not want progress. This is a document that will help us move forward and clean up cricket.

As it is, over 80 per cent of players who depend on the game are suffering because of greed of certain individuals.”

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