Covid-19 spotlighted more heroes, let’s honour them

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 00:00 |
Covid-19 vaccination.

Ngulamu Jonathan 

It has been a year with unprecedented happenings, good and bad, to say the least. 

But dozens of heroic acts have happened between March 12, 2020 and today.

On that day, Kenya recorded its first Covid-19 case, an incident that has given forth to more heroes and heroines of the land.

In one way or the other, the pandemic has assured us of another good thing; Kenya is still endowed with people with hearts of gold – our Mashujaa. 

Whether they are doing these acts in kind or in cash, Kenyans of goodwill, who are standing for each other, deserve accolades for their heroic actions not only today but also in the future. 

From landlords who gave tenants rent waivers to employers who never abandoned their employees, Covid-19 has brought to fore a realisation that we can all be heroes in different capacities. 

Almost every industry has faced a resilience test, but the goodwill of Kenyans to overcome adversity has proved our boldness as a nation.

Healthcare workers, security officers, farmers, business people, journalists, government entities – the list is endless – have done a good job and deserve to be applauded. 

At first glance, the coronavirus news felt like a death sentence to many. Frankly, almost everyone was afraid, and probably the old and unhealthier people were afraid most.

Luckily, the government through the Economic Stimulus Programme gave hope to millions.

For a better part of the year, the government has played a role to cushion Kenyans from Covid-19 effects.

The role played by Ministry of Health and other entities in informing citizens on the situation in mitigating the virus helped in a larger margin.

All these people involved are true heroes and we must celebrate them.

While no one knows exactly when this pandemic will end, it is safe to say each one of us knows exactly who his/her hero is.

More than seven months since the World Health Organisation declared coronavirus a pandemic, corporates and individuals have made an initiative to help their stakeholders in many ways. 

Some donated protective equipment and food, banks waived transaction fees, telecoms supported customers, and so and so. We  have, thus, witnessed more heroes and reasons to celebrate them today and beyond are unlimited. 

Every Kenyan has played a part in mitigating the virus spread. From adherence to safety protocols to taking part in sharing information on how to mitigate the pandemic, no effort should be excluded in gains made so far- including those who heeded the call to stay at home.  Didn’t they play part in this war?

However, just like the wheat which will never miss some chaff, it will also be fair to note some few individuals never acted right during this period.

Probably, from other’s good actions, they will be inspired to change and act appropriately for a better nation. 

Moving forward, honouring “Covid-19 Heroes” must be made a regular activity and not just an ad hoc event.

In the spirit of having a better nation as envisaged by our founding fathers, let the pandemic remind us again we should never be bound by ethnicity or religious convictions rather, we should uphold our nationalism values and help each other not only for a peaceful nation but also for a developed country.

Kenya is endowed with vast resources and heritage. The trajectory of our history has continued to give us great hope.

As we put our foot forward with determination, Kenyans ought to be cognisant that commemorating these great actions goes hand in hand with development.  

For so long, Kenya has lived to celebrate momentous occasions, most recently the London Marathon where the great marathoner of all times and Kenya Tourism Boar’s Magical Kenya’s brand ambassador Eliud Kipchoge took part.

It is in the same spirit that Kenyans should see the greatness of their fellow who stood, or are standing with each other in this Covid-19 war and celebrate them equally.

As we mark this year’s Mashujaa Day, it is important to note we are not yet out of the woods in the battle against Covid-19.

Our heroic acts should never come to an end, and with the gains made so far, let’s not drop the ball in helping each other as well as observing safety protocols.

As the adage goes, one cannot help everyone by everyone can help someone. — The writer is a Communications Consultant at IMG Kenya. [email protected]

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