Covid-19 pandemic has halted a lot of normal life’s escapades

Sunday, April 26th, 2020 19:24 |
Ochungulo Family.

The Covid-19  pandemic has halted a lot of normal life’s escapades. However, Kenyan artistes are not the type to let down the gauntlet. They have capitalised on the moment to churn out music projects to keep fans and audiences entertained. Here are some projects excelling since the law’s impositions. 

Lucky You (Nyashinski) 

Rapper and singer Nyashinski released his highly anticipated debut solo album Lucky You on April 17, 2020, following a brilliant pre-release concert streamed online on April 8 that attracted more than 60,000 viewers.

Riding his high horse, the project is currently charting on music monitoring sites such as Apple Music.

From production, lyricism, hope, inspiration, love, and poetic justice, the record yields a lot of richness to the splendor of your ears and your hearts. Glory is the first track off the sizzling album.

Hao (Khaligraph ft Masauti) 

A song of substance, the duo takes us through the trials and tribulations of being a successful artiste.

The song tackles the battles of stardom and the flack they face as Khaligraph opens on his verse: “Kukuwa celebrity Kenya ni kujitolea, ka we ni softy utasema wanakuonea, ka we ni mjanja utazoea.”

This is a reflection and commentary on the recent cyber bullying incidences against fellow creatives such as comedian Mulumwah and singer Bahati.

The song is a great touch of anyone who does not understand the price of success from the artistes’ perspectives.

Utawezana (Femi One ft Mejja) 

When the most gangster femcee links up with one of the wittiest story telling rap artistes, only good can come out of it.

The hypnotic dance beats produced by Rico Beats met their match in the two artistes as their seamless chemistry overflowed into the song.

A playful, danceable and calm record that is excitingly teasing through the hook, Utawezana has been the track of the pandemic that many barely recognised they needed.

Afreaka (Victoria Kimani) 

Kimani is back with her third studio album Afreaka. Kimani, a diverse artiste dabbling between making eclectic sounds ranging from Afro pop, R&B, trap and soul, her third record sees her connect with platinum-selling Atlanta-based Liberian producer FKi 1$t to produce the nine-song pan-Africanist album.

Features include francophone talent Ferre Gola and Shrap artiste Boutross. It is a touch of old meets new, wild meets conservatist with tracks as Shutdown and Afreaka.

Nikune (Willy Paul ft Nadia Mukami) 

This one here is a collabo that one would never have imagined. Nikune is a beautifully choreographed dance song with a glittery video, and suited for two adult lovers, probably a TikTok dance routine could be in there too.

The energy exemplified in the track is of great calibre and the two should do more records if they can merge this well sonically and on screen as well.

Brighter Days (Sauti Sol ft Soweto Gospel Choir)

This is when a song is so appropriate to the times; challenging this notion makes you look absurd.

Sauti Sol recruits the Grammy-nominated South African choir and the message is a spiritual and motivational ballad in times of despair.

The positivity and encouragement exuded is so infectious it gives you a reason to keep your head up.

The music video is also a creative sprinkle of vintage giving a feel of a video shot during the 80s.

Shift Happens (Emma Cheruto) 

This is definitely an early candidate for Album of the Year. In 24 minutes, Emma manages to encapsulate the process of falling in love, the up’s and downs of it and the cycle of it again.

You are sure to reflect on your exes, or call up your toxic lover when this hits.

A full-circle record that is superlative in vocal performance, instrumentation, plot, direction and freshness.

The hybridity of genres from neo soul, R&B, funk, and whatever else is in between the lines, she nailed it expertly. 

Mariah (Steph Kapela) 

An ode to lovers of the ‘herb’, the timing of its release on April 20 was oddly convenient.

It’s no secret that the plant has a different slang term in different places, but to Steph, his audacious personification of it as Mariah gives uplifting vibes and a playful touch to the stigmatised plant.

He raps, “Gimme gimme in the morning, gimme gimme when I want it, gimme gimme no warning, I can hit in the bedroom, I don’t need any legroom.”

It’s a reggae-influenced track that sees Steph morph into a different genre and exploit his clever wordplay and versatility on the track. 

Pandemik (Ochungulo Family)

The comical commentary on the state of affairs of the Covid-19 effects is a must-watch.

From mutura not being able to be experienced because of curfew, to night runners running out of vocation, to pleading with billionaire Jimmy Wanjigi to offer a loan to the struggling nation’s financial downturn, the sense of humour turned musical is exceptional from the three musketeers. It’s a satirical parody track that aims to brighten up your day in these tough times.

Tabasco (Shappaman) 

The former Camp Mulla frontman flexes his Kiswahili rhymes in this bouncy track. A swaggerific track that sees him show off his style implying he’s hot as the chilli ‘Tabasco’ sauce.

The song will definitely remind you of the nights revellers could freely roam from club to club with the song tailor-made for the loud speakers and friends busting moves on the dancefloor. Trademark Shappa!  

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