COVID-19: Nakuru to lose Sh0.8 billion in revenue

Thursday, April 9th, 2020 18:02 |
Nakuru Governor  Lee Kinyanjui. Photo/PD/FILE

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui on Thursday said his county will suffer huge losses amounting to over Sh800 million in revenue as the effects of COVID-19 continue to wreak havoc on economies.

Kinyanjui expressed fear that the county could be forced to adjust its budget as a big percentage of its revenue comes from the tourism sector, transport industry, entertainment joints and SMEs which have all been gravely affected by the pandemic.

According to the county boss, with the closure of many businesses and a dramatic decline in returns, many operators are struggling to remain afloat and hence delays in payment of their obligations.

He noted that as a county, they will be considerate owing to the fact that the economy has been greatly punctured calling on businesses that are financially able, to honor their obligations in order to cushion the vulnerable segments of the society. 

"The month of March is very critical to county revenues as most organizations pay their licenses in the first quarter, however, due to the unprecedented events the same cannot be fully achieved. Counties have to operate and offer essential services, it is important for businesses that are financially able to pay their dues," said Kinyanjui.

He added that as a county they are happy with the travel restrictions placed on areas with reported cases saying the move is aimed at reducing the movement of persons from areas of high risk and thereby cushioning the rural population.  

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