COVID-19 has greatly affected dairy industry, says KDB MD

Friday, June 12th, 2020 19:19 |

The Kenya Dairy Board (KDB) MD Margaret Kibogy said the spread of the coronavirus has affected the operations of the industry and the protocols put in place by the Government have also hampered the Board’s outreach activities.

She said the drop in consumption of milk is due to reduction of disposable incomes especially in the urban centres that have been badly ravaged by the pandemic adding that the entire industry has experienced supply and demand challenges across the dairy value chain.

"As industry players and in partnership with the State Department of Livestock and other industry players, we are working together in mitigating and reducing the challenges posed by the pandemic," Kibogy said.

She thanked President Uhuru Kenyatta for putting the economic stimulus package announced last month which she said will cushion the sector from the adverse effects of the virus.

Meanwile, KDB is urging Kenyans to drink more milk describing it as nutritious food with vitamins, proteins and minerals that are vital for good health during this period of Covid -19.

The Managing Director Mr Margaret Kibogy said drinking milk daily boosts the body’s immunity which is a critical component in the fight against the corona virus.

“Milk is packed with important nutrients including calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, potassium and vitamin D. It’s also an excellent source of protein. Research has shown that regular consumption of milk is a key ingredient to stronger immunity against diseases. Enjoy your milk or milk products for better health,’’ she said

She said despite the challenges, they will work hard to ensure the industry remains vibrant and that consumers are able to access quality dairy products.

“Our commitment as a Board is to strive to ensure that despite the challenges that we are going through, that your favorite dairy products are available in shelves at all times. I want to thank the Ministry of Health for classifying milk as one the essential products because it is,” she said.

Consumption of milk especially in the urban centres has dropped significantly due to the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic due to a reduction in disposable incomes.

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