Cover-up claims as family pursue justice for trader

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 00:00 |
Sarah Nekimita, Widow of Silas Murunga, displays his photo, yesterday. PD/NDEGWA GATHUNGU

Police in Bamburi area of Mombasa are in the spotlight over alleged cover-up of the death of a businessman.

The family of Silas Murunga says he was murdered on February 2 this year outside his Wines and Spirit shop in Utange area by people well known to him.

Murunga was allegedly lured to his death by a member of a gang that has been invading private land in Kisauni. Murunga had built his shop on land whose ownership is in contention.

Reinhard Murunga, the son of the deceased, says one of the suspects only identified as Mister Charo telephoned his father at around 9pm, asking him to rush to his shop because “Administration Police officers were demolishing the structures.”

Murunga then went to Reinhard’s shop and asked for Sh200 for boda boda fare and immediately rushed to Utange Seven Star area where he met his death.

After two hours, the man who had called his father came running and asked Reinhard to go rescue his father who had been attacked by unknown assailants.

On reaching the scene of crime, Reinhard found his father lying on the ground, groaning and bleeding profusely with deep cuts on the head.

 “I called my mother and we took him to a local medical facility but we were referred to Jocham Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival,” he said.

Know status

Murunga’s wife Sarah Nekimita said her husband had confided in her that there were people who wanted him dead over the piece of land. 

The family now alleges that the investigating officer was bribed to help the main suspect escape justice.

Commission for Human Rights and Justice claims that investigations into the matter have stalled due to underhand dealings.

“This case was reported at Bamburi Police Station, but there is no progress. These people who are suspected to have had a hand in the killing have never been questioned.

The family has been kept in the dark, one of the investigating officer received money from one of the suspects and we believe the money was meant to influence the outcome of the probe,” said Julius Ogogo, the lobby’s executive director.

The People Daily is in possession of the  contentious Mpesa transaction No. “0B80X8VPNPK: Confirmed Sh15,000.00 sent to (name with held) 0716...933 on 8/2/20 at 4.47 pm.”

On May 19, the organisation wrote to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations office in Kisauni demanding to know the status of the probe.

But according to Kisauni Directorate of Criminal Investigations Officer (DCI) Josephat Kisingu, the probe is nearing completion.

“This case has not delayed... I have taken it up myself and next week I will take the file to the ODPP for advice,” Kisingu told People Daily.

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