Couples prove Corona can’t stop love as they finally tie knot

Thursday, September 17th, 2020 00:00 |
Stephen Muye and his bride, Bahati Hiram were among the first couples to wed at Nairobi Primary School, the new venue for civil weddings. Their daughter was also present during the event Photo/PD/Kenna Claude

Love conquers all and Stephen Muye, 30, and his wife Bahati Hiram, 23, are proof of this.

Yesterday, Stephen and Bahati proved to the world that love knows no boundaries when they exchanged vows in a simple civil marriage at Nairobi Primary School, promising to love and cherish each other until death does them apart.

 What many did not know is that the couple had travelled for miles to get to Nairobi to solemnise their marriage and they were among the first couple to get married at Nairobi Primary School, the new venue for con onducting civil weddings.

This is part of the government’s efforts to control crowds because of Covid-19.

 Muye, an assistant county commissioner based in Makueni had travelled all the way to Nairobi while his wife came from Marsabit for their big day.

 “It was a journey full of obstacles, mountains and valleys. But finally we made it through the help of God,” said Muye with a reassuring smile.

 Muye said they were forced to plan in advance how to travel to Nairobi, after trying several times to have their marriage registered in Machakos only to be referred to Nairobi.

 “ Our plan was to have our marriage registered in a town near Makueni or Marsabit, but we were told these services were only available in Nairobi,” said Muye.

 Muye pleaded with the government to consider decentralising services to save couples in the far-flung counties the cost of travelling to Nairobi.

Muye, however, lauded the office of the Attorney General for choosing Nairobi Primary School as a new registration area, which he said was providing couples with a good environment.

“ We are also happy that online registration is fast and efficient and when it comes to the cost it is pocket friendly.

With only Sh3,350 you will get your marriage certificate and you will be legally married,” he said.

Speaking during the function, the Chief Administrative Secretary at the State Law Office, Winnie Guchu said the move will not only ease interruption of services caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but will also ensure there is crowd control in compliance with the Ministry of Health guidelines, especially on social distancing.

“ As a marriage registration area, the school shall have two marriage points with registrars who will be performing a total of twenty marriage per day.

Moreover, marriages will be officiated in open air in order to reduce the risk of coronavirus between AG officers and members of the public,” she said.

 Another couple, Anthony Muiru and Jane Njambi who also solemnised their 35-year-old union yesterday could not hide their excitement.

“ After deliberations with my wife, we decided to have our marriage registered. I encourage more people to do the same. It’s easy and it will not take much of your time,” said Muiru.

Guchu also appealed to Kenyans to continue using the new e-registration registration platform, as it will eliminate the need for couples to make multiple visits to the Marriage registry.

Stanisław Zielonka, a Poland citizen, who spoke after obtaining the marriage certificate at the Registry, said the newly adopted system is fast and efficient.

“So long as you have all the required documents it’s easy to upload after which you wait for an appointment at the Registry,” she said.

Guchu further appealed Kenyans to register their customary marriages as it will help during succession.

 The CAS said the registration would complement the law of succession, especially when it comes to sharing property of a deceased person.

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