Coup? Storm in Ford Kenya as Wetangula dismisses call for party NDC

Sunday, October 10th, 2021 18:31 |
Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula. PHOTO/ John Makuba

The wrangles in Ford Kenya party seem to be far from over after party leader Moses Wetangula dismissed calls by rebels to have a national delegate’s conference.

Ford Kenya has been embroiled in leadership wrangles after a section of its leaders staged a coup in May last year to oust Wetangula as its leader.

Addressing the press at his Kanduyi home in Bungoma, Wetangula said that Tongaren Member of Parliament Simiyu Eseli has no capacity and audacity to carry any business on behalf of the party.

"We have seen again Eseli and his group engaging in unlawful provocation against the party leadership. Ford Kenya is a party of rules, order, democracy and respects court orders and the rule of law,” Wetangula said.

Wetangula said that Eseli was suspended as the party secretary General after he staged a failed coup

He said that Eseli suspension was confirmed by the high court, and he is not entitled to transact anything on behalf of the party.

Wetangula clarified that the secretary General of Ford Kenya party is Millicent Abudho.

The Bungoma senator said that he had seen on social media a notice issued by Eseli calling for an NDC.

"I want to tell our party members that there will be no NDC called by Eseli since he has no capacity to do so,” Wetangula said.

Wetangula said that Eseli is not the Ford Kenya Secretary General and made it clear Eseli is not in office and in perpetuate of the authority of the office is Abudho.

“The office of secretary General is not an individual, and it functions whether the holder is dismissed, dead, suspended or whatever has happened to him,” Wetangula added.

He said that the party's NDC will be called soon by Abudho on a date that will be communicated to each and every member.

"We know Eseli is being used by some individuals to destabilize Ford Kenya and let me tell them that they won't succeed,” Wetangula added.

“We will go for his paymasters, and we have to make it clear that those who are engaging in this malicious activities their days are numbered,” he added.

Wetangula further said that Ford Kenya party is the second-oldest party in the country that spouses multi- party democracy and order.

He said that Ford Kenya party is their heritage and selfish interests from Eseli who is acting on behest of outsiders in the party will not be allowed

"As we speak now Eseli is in Kakamega attending a meeting called by another party purporting to tell residents to register as voters, let him do so in Tongaren and stop dancing to the tune of detractors,” Wetangula said.

Wetangula further said that Ford Kenya is in safe hands, and it shall not be shaken.

"We shall have an NDC soon and elect new office bearers at national level and have Ford Kenya party continuing to play a central role in Kenyan politics like we did and brought former president Mwai Kibaki in power and produced the vice presidency under the late Kijana Wamalwa,"he said

In quick rejoinder, Eseli said, he is still the certified Secretary General of Ford Kenya and his notice for the national delegate’s conference of the party is still on as advertised in one of the dailies.

Eseli says he called for an NDC meeting last year on November 2020 but Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula would halt it through the Court.

He says that since last year, Wetangula has not made any efforts to call for an NDC meeting of the party.

Eseli made it clear that on November the parties NDC meeting will be held in Kasarani calling on party delegate's to come out in large numbers  elect new member's.

On matter's voter registration, Wetangula  asked residents of Western region to come out in large numbers and register as voters.

"It was alarming and discouraging to see on one of the media houses recently that western region has 2.65 million people who are eligible to vote but are not registered,” Wetangula said

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