Country gasping for healing air of sobriety

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 17:24 |
Tomato traders at the Nakuru Wakulima Market say many people are buying in large quantities since the government announced restrictions following the outbreak of coronavirus. Photo/PD/RAPHAEL MUNGE

The country is in precarious position. It’s suffering an economic meltdown caused by a sudden health crisis and sliding into unfortunate political path characterised by treachery and skulduggery.

And to complete the worrying picture, two arms of government, the Executive and the Judiciary are at war with each other while the third, Parliament, is cannibalising itself over a loyalty test and has shirked its legislative and oversight roles.

This is depressing for a citizenry trapped in a lockdown because of of Covid-19, an invisible enemy that is a living nightmare to humanity.

The disease, whose local infections had by yesterday reached 2,989 with fatalities standing at 88, is not only posing a health crisis, but adversely affecting the country and leaving everybody and everything in limbo.

Though the position we find ourselves in cannot be solely blamed on the virus, it is now the centrifugal force in the litany of afflictions haunting the country. 

Commendably, the government has rolled out measures and protocols to curb spread of the disease besides putting in place quick interventions to cushion vulnerable individuals and families.

On the flip-side, some of the measures, including the shutdown of businesses to ensure social distancing and the night curfew have left many citizens in very a challenging position: confined, jobless, penniless and hungry. 

Worryingly, the disease, which has no known cure, is unrelenting with its curve continuing to climb.

This is an uncertain moment, but together as one and with fidelity to the protocols, this virus can be subdued. 

While toxic politics and turf tussles in government among its arms, unstable economy and other social hiccups can be redressed, the threat posed by the coronavirus is unprecedented. 

The country hurts more when mindless ambition, impunity and sheer roguishness by those bestowed with the task of leadership and responsibility fail to serve and instead pursue self-preserving ventures.

This is why the three arms of government, and those in privileged positions, must be censured for breeding tensions and undermine democracy. This is no time for musical chairs.

We urge sobriety, cessation of infighting in political parties and toxic propaganda. We should instead pursue higher goals that will prosper our motherland. Is that too much to ask?

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