Cotton production set to rise as more farmers retrace their roots

Monday, September 23rd, 2019 00:00 |
Bt Cotton is several times more productive than normal cotton. COURTESY Photo/Courtesy

The move by the government to revive textile industry, which plays a key role in promoting and sustaining cotton farming in the country, has led to a rise in the demand for the crop.

A number of farmers, some who said they abandoned growing the crop four years ago, are already diversifying to cotton from maize in a bid to optimise earnings. 

They say the government’s move to revive the textile industry  has provided impetus to boosting production.

Over 200 cotton farmers from Mbembani, Kivingoni and Ndalani villages in Machakos  County were over the weekend trained on best farming practices in a bid to improve production.

The training in Ngangani location by Kitui County government’s department of Agriculture in collaboration with Kitui Ginnery and  Thika Cloth Mills saw the growers taken through the best farming methods and how to ensure they get huge returns. 

Regeneration of industries such as RIVATEX, Thika Cloth Mills has rekindled hope of  farmers having  ready market for the products.

At the Kitui Ginnery, farmers saw how the cotton they grow is processed before it ends up weaving garments. They also witnessed how seeds are processed to biodiesel, oil and cotton seedcake for animal feeds.

Albert Mwaniki of Ngangani location, where the farmers received the training, said he had abandoned the farming four years ago, adding, however, that he has started growing the crop in large scale with the revival of key textile industries in the country.

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