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Thursday, July 2nd, 2020 00:00 |
A variety of foods by Kaluhi’s Kitchen. Photo/PD/Courtesy

Faith Kyoumukama @Martkinel

Remember when we talked about staycations last week and I mentioned how being on quarantine has earned me the new title of baker’ or would pastry chef do, or I’m pushing it?  Well, let me not get too excited. 

I recently visited a friend who barely cooks. He is the kind of friend who always makes one cook when you visit,  he tends to rely extensively on  ‘mama fua’ to do weekly meal preps stacked up in the fridge awaiting microwave magic. 

He surprised me when he made a full course meal topped up with the dessert (which was not so palatable), but I recognise the effort and tremendous transition.

On the menu finger-licking oven-baked pork ribs, that literally fall off the bone with every bite.

To say the least I was foodie impressed. “Which girl taught you how to make these juicy ribs?” His response, “The girl in red on my phone that fixes most problems”. 

YouTube in its true superman shades has helped many in solving problems, especially when it comes to cooking food.

As the world continues to navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic, people are turning to digital platforms, both for entertainment and learning skills.

The YouTube app, for example, has an outstanding bank of content when it comes to shows and videos that come and showcases cooking in isolation.

The shows follow the typical format of cooking videos, however, the ingredients are now more consciously picked out, keeping in mind what may or may not be available to people locally.

Instagram, as well, has the IGTV which allows users to make short videos of meals and pictures to showcase the meals made.

Personalities, such as Ali Said aka Chef Ali,  Diana Kaluhi of Kaluhi’s Kitchen, Mandy Sarro of Miss Mandi, Raych Gitau of Pika na Raych and Milly Chebii’s Ordinary Kitchen, for instance, have taken food vlogging by storm.

“I decided to follow my cooking passion now that we are all indoors. And I like how my channel  has  attracted a lot of followers,” says ChebiI.

Dennis Ombachi also known as the Roaming Chef has been keeping his followers busy with his everyday cooking videos.

Omabachi is one among the few, skilled in the technique of cooking while at the same time recording using one hand. 

Gospel singer Holy Dave and comedian Owago Nyiro are among chefs that are cooking up a storm on the ‘gram’ as well. 

Most of the content creators are not necessarily chefs by profession, but are doing it out of passion and love for food and expressing it through the social space. 

Before the Internet came in handy, there are things that we only got to eat in restaurants.

I remember the first time I had lasagna and how it aroused the taste buds in my mouth sending me to a quick foodie comma.

That was at an Italian restaurant, and I never thought I would be able to make such a delicacy, but call me the Lasagna head chef because I believe I’m capable to blow your mind.

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