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Committee tell Kenya Power to pay for losses

Thursday, October 8th, 2020 00:00 |
Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter
Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter
Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter

Steve Umidha @TeveUmidha

Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter was at pains to explain a serious electricity hitch facing consumers in Marsabit and Nandi counties.

During a meeting with the Senate Energy committee, Keter was asked to explain why Kenya Power — the country’s sole power distributor —  has caused both personal and business loses to the residents of the two counties.

“Explain why KPLC has failed to restore electricity connection despite several complaints by the residents,” Senator Naomi Waqo asked.

 “KPLC has tendered for the required spare parts to repair the generator that is damaged.

This will solve the problem of surges and outages once commissioned by the end of October 2020 (it is set) to also solve power rationing,” said Keter.

The queries presented to him by Waqo who is Senate Committee member on Energy follows resident’s complaints in Marsabit over power hitches.  

“KPLC will therefore address the affected customers and attend to their claims once their cases are registered at our nearest offices,” responded Keter. 

Power users in Nandi County have also had to grapple with electricity blackouts in the region which was blamed on the rising number of faulty transformers.

Keter also blamed the slow pace of service on Covid-19, claiming the pandemic had made it difficult to procure products from abroad.

“The company is however relying on locally manufactured and repaired transformers to meet the demand as arrangements are made to import additional transformers,” he said.

The committee now wants consumers who incurred losses in their businesses and electrical appliances to be compensated as a result of Kenya Power’s failure to contain the problem.

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