Committee discusses return of co-curricular activities in schools

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 00:00 |
Dr Ezekiel Mutua of the Kenya Film Classification Board.

The Ministry of Education has set aside a technical Committee to advise the government on modalities of re-introducing co-curricular activities in learning institutions before official reopening. 

The committee members who are in Nakuru for a week-long workshop are expected to come up with protocols and recommendations of how drama festivals can be safely introduced in line with ministry of health regulations. 

This follows a pronouncement by the Ministry of Education cancelling all co-curricular activities including sports, music and drama festival and several conferences to curb  spread of the virus.

Human interaction

The team ,which consists of the National Drama and Film Festival Executive Committee, Kenya Film Classification Board, and ministry representatives are expected to come up with modalities of safe introduction to extra-curricular activities, which will be scrutinised before being approved.

Kenya National Drama and Film Festival Chairman Professor Christopher Odhiambo said they are coming up with policies of relaunching the festivals, admitting that the activity requires human interactions and therefore measures must be taken to protect children.

According to Prof. Odhiambo, they will have to re-think how drama can be conducted amid the pandemic, saying the committee will come up with a document, which will be used in the festivals if approved.

He regretted that they were forced to cancel this year’s festivals due to the pandemic, adding that the committee is working on how to reengineer the event.

“We have to come to terms with our new normal and events have to go on. This committee will come up with a recommendation, which will be presented to the ministry for consideration,” said Odhiambo.

Interact safely

Kenya Film Classification Board Chief Executive Officer Ezekiel Mutua, noted that education has no meaning to the students if it’s only book work since children need to safely interact, play, identify and nurture their talent.

Mutua said the pandemic brought to a halt the 61st edition of the Kenya National Drama and Film Festival, which was to be held in Mombasa. 

Speaking at Nakuru Day High School yesterday, Mutua said that with every sector now reopening amid the pandemic, they have joined hands with all relevant stakeholders to ensure co-curricular activities are brought back as schools reopen.

“We are reconciling to the fact that nobody knows when the pandemic will be over and we have to come up with protocols to protect our children as they safely engage in the festivals,” said Mutua.

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