Commissioner puts on notice people planning violence at MP’s burial

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020 00:00 |
Late Kabuchai MP James Lusweti. Photo/Courtesy

Bungoma County Commissioner Samwel Kimiti has warned the people planning to cause chaos during the burial of the late Kabuchai MP James Lusweti on Saturday will be dealt with accordingly.

Addressing the press after meeting with the Parliamentary adhoc committee members planning the funeral arrangements in his office, Kimiti said security apparatus are alert to deal with those people who will think of causing chaos.

“We have put all measures in place and our officers will be on the lookout to deal with any perpetrators of any heinous acts during the ceremony, we will not tolerate anything like violence,” he warned.

Kimiti assured leaders or their agents planning to cause violence on the material day that they will be arrested.

“It is our prerogative to maintain law and order all the time, am warning any groupings planning to cause violence during the burial that let them brace for a tough retaliation from security agents that would be deployed in Chwele market,” he said.

Kimiti stated that during the burial all government health protocols on Covid-19 will be adhered to despite the MP not succumbing to it.

Lusweti who succumbed to Arthritis on December 4 will be buried  at his Sanandiki village home in Chwele on Saturday.

Kwanza MP Ferdinand Wanyonyi who warned any people planning to cause chaos that they will face the music echoed commissioner’s sentiments.

“Everything is set, security apparatus are on the ground, any mischief will be worked on accordingly, we will not expect any chaotic scenes during the burial, let’s give our MP a decent burial,” he said.

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