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Clifford Musyoka, Food and Beverage Manager Sandfields Lodwar camp

Thursday, April 1st, 2021 02:24 |
Clifford Musyoka, Food and Beverage Manager Sandfields Lodwar camp.

Hundreds of passengers and motorists have been stranded at Ortum area along Kapenguria - Lodwar highway after the diversion road was cut off following heavy rains.            

The heavy rain was witnessed last night where the rain lasted for more than six hours starting at around 9.00pm.           

Travelers had to spend part of Tuesday night in the cold as the only road connecting Turkana County was damaged in November following flush floods forcing the KeNHA to construct the diversion road as the main bridge is being constructed           

Speaking to the KNA, one of the truck drivers from Lodwar Mburu Chege said he has been at the scene since midnight, saying no vehicle has managed to cross over.           

“One of the Lorries which was heavy loaded was crossing the river unfortunately it knock down barricading the road. We have not seen any official from KeNHA,” he said.            

Some of the drivers who had carried bread, water and milk resorted to sell the food stuffs to some of the stranded passengers.             

“We do not know how long this will take. The road is totally blocked and a section of it has been swept away. The reconstruction of the bridge which was washed away in November has been very slow,” said Chege.            

James Ngasike, a passenger said he was on his way to Kitale to see a patient but the journey abruptly cut off and was forced to spend better but part of the night in the cold at Ortum.           

“I was heading to see a patient in Kitale, it has taken long to repair the road and I wonder what the government is planning for us. Urgent measures need to be put in place to allow the smooth flow of transport. Some children were on their way to school but right now they won’t be able to do so,” he said.            

Traders ferrying perishable goods from Kitale and Kapenguria heading to Lodwar complained of delays saying they were incurring huge losses due to poor state of roads.

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