Clannism claims emerge amid push by MCAs to impeach Kuti

Monday, June 22nd, 2020 00:00 |
Isiolo Governor Mohamed Kuti at a past event. He accuses his opponents of trying to take power through the back door. Photo/PD/FILE

Clannism has started to rear its ugly head as some Members of the Isiolo County Assembly push to impeach Governor Mohamed Kuti.

MCAs Ali Dima (Chari) and Nura Diba (Sericho) said they had started collecting signatures to impeach the governor.

They accused him of perpetrating corruption and gross violation of the law.

They also accuse Kuti of disrespecting the Assembly, among other allegations.

However, county Speaker Hussein Roba accuses Senator Fatuma Dullo and local MPs of scheming to remove Kuti from office through divisive politics.

Roba said  the pair was keento endorse a candidate from the Borana  community, the largest voting block.

“We know their motive is to take advantage of our multi-ethnic region but we are telling them that our governor is unshakable because he has support from Turkana, Samburu, Somali and even Borana communities,” said the Speaker.

Speaking to People Daily, Kuti accused his opponents of trying to take power through the back door by inciting and dividing MCAs to impeach him.

However, the governor dismissed the impeachment plans, saying 15 out of 17 ward reps support him.

“My government has almost achieved 80 per cent transformation compared to the previous government and those spreading rumours of corruption against me are just my political enemies who are  greedy  for power and lobbying for early campaigns to advance their personal selfish political agenda  ahead of 2022 General Election,” he said.

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