CK chair struggles to put sport where it belongs in tumultuous reign

Friday, April 3rd, 2020 00:00 |
Cricket Kenya (CK) chairperson Jackie Janmohammed during a past tournament at Nairobi Gymkhana. Photo/PD/ALEX NJUE

Jackie Janmohammed cuts the figure of a frustrated loan officer sometimes; however for all intents and purposes she proves an administrator of steel that takes no prisoners.

The 56-year-old Cricket Kenya (CK) chairperson has now had two consecutive stints at the helm of the troubled body and even though fire and brimstone is thrown her way, she remains unmoved. 

A lot of noises have been raised especially on the eligibility of her office, constitution status of CK and the general management of the sporting organisation, which for long has been associated with dirty politics and infighting.

However the seasoned lawyer believes that those who are on her case are insincere and just want to sabotage her office.

“I have been in this business for long and know what cricket entails here in Kenya but quite honestly the level of dirt being thrown around is despicable.

There are people who thrive on name smearing to the point that I am not surprised anymore. 

“After all cricket is not my life entirely because I have other things I can do. I am a volunteer in a sport I love and it is my intention to provide guidance and direction however small.

I know I can be tough but it is for the better; one thing I cannot entertain is hypocrisy and everybody including my enemies know that,” scoffed Janmohammed in an exclusive interview with People Sport earlier this week.

She challenges the busy bodies making noises to come to the fore and state their specific problem with her instead of dwelling on generalities. 

For five years of her tenure, the Africa Cricket Association boss has had what she would describe as pain even as she attempts to sanitise the game, which has lost its glory days of the 90s. 

Her critics accuse her of mismanaging ICC funds meant for development, bias and interference in national team selections amidst a slew of other issues but she dismisses the issues as nonsense. 

“What we have are a thankless lot and I am not afraid to say it. Maybe because I am a woman they felt I would be a pushover but shock on them.

I stand for truth and honest dialogue to develop the sport. Granted we have had our challenges but I have worked my socks off in bringing some sanity.

People accusing me of meddling in selection have no idea what they are on about since I do not sit on selectors’ panel.

Some say I am incompetent but everybody has a job to do and all of us must take responsibility,” she stated adding that through her vast networks things have moved.

When all is said and done, Jackie has indicated that after the term of the interim committee ends in May and the draft Constitution is approved she may step aside. 

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