CIRCLES OF LOVE: Boss at work, now boss at home

Saturday, October 12th, 2019 00:00 |

Where did your love story begin?

Maureen: We met at work in September 2013. I was looking for a job that day, and after meeting the director of the company, he told me to wait outside his office as he called the human resource officer to find out whether they had a slot for me somewhere since there was no vacant position. 

After about five minutes, Antony, who was the HR, arrived and sat next to me waiting to talk to the director, who was on phone. He was the first one to say ‘Hello’. He then introduced himself and what he did at the company. I in turn told him my name and we went together to the director’s office, where I was offered internship. I signed the contract that Antony drafted and was asked to join the company the following week. I was required to rotate in every department, and I began in the HR department, which meant that Anthony was my immediate boss.

How did the colleagueship develop into a relationship?

He was so nice to me. We began going for lunch together and that’s how we built our friendship. When I moved to another department, we continued to have lunch together every day and after eating, I would go to his office to just sit and talk, then get back to work at 2pm. 

We would also walk to town every day together after work and in 2014, he asked me out but I refused, as I couldn’t date my colleague. In January 2015, he got a job elsewhere and he asked me out again. This time I agreed. We began dating in February 2015.

How did he ask you to be his wife?

He took me to Masai Mara at the Mara Triangle for a vacation, where he proposed. We had a bush lunch and after that, while enjoying the breathtaking views, he went on one knee and asked me to his wife.

How was the wedding planning process like?

It wasn’t tough and lengthened because we began early. We started planning like 10 months prior. We did not use a planner nor a committee. We planned everything by ourselves. A committee came in last minute, just to help oversee that everything went smoothly on the big day.

How did you find suppliers and all that you needed for the wedding?

I mostly used referrals, whose work I had seen before. I was a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding, so I contacted most of her suppliers, who had impressed me.

What was memorable about your big day?

My dress was custom-made for me by Lilys Exquisite Designs. I just wanted something simple and elegant that fit me perfectly, as I wanted a mermaid gown. I dint want to gamble with fittings. Also, the vows part was amazing. Our pastor had us write our own vows and it was the most memorable part. There was also the dancing.

What were your vows about?

It was generally about how we felt about each other, and the promises we want to honour for each other in front of everyone and God.

Anything that went wrong?

Everything went smoothly except time. The ceremony began a bit late, which meant that we didn’t get to dance as much as we desired at the reception.

Advice to couples planning a wedding?

Plan in good time. That helped us a lot. Identify your vendors way before the wedding as it eases a lot of pressure. Also, pray for your day. Dedicate it to God each and every day.


 Décor- Daroms Decor and Events

Catering- Jakizz Catering

Cake- Oven Adventures Kenya

Photography- Willy Muturi Photography

Gown- Lilys Exquisite Designs

Bridesmaids dresses- Vitenge Neshelle

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