Church leaders dismiss graveyards in churches claims

Friday, February 5th, 2021 17:04 |
Trans Nzoia Pastors and Pishops Council has refuted claims of graves having been dug on sanctuaries.

Religious leaders from Trans Nzoia County have said the recent barrage of digital misinformation on some churches having graveyards on altars was aimed at blackmailing the clergy to compromise the calling to serve God.

They said the rumour that a church which was among those recently demolished by the Kenya Railways Corporation had a grave was unfortunate.

"We today express shock in the manner in which some people recently misused the social media in  giving  pales and false information that a grave had been found in a church building that had been demolished by Kenya Railways Corporation," said Bishop Edward Khaoya of the Covenant of Grace Church.

Bishop David Walubengo of Elim Church rubbished claims of a grave having been erected on the Altar of the House of Prayer Church .

"The social media has put the work of the church into jeopardy after propagating falsehood that spread like fire. Churches have dug baptismal sites for the purpose of baptism," he said.

They spoke at the Unlimited Gospel Centre in Kitale , during a press conference called to defend the church against social media onslaught which had linked the baptismal grounds to devil worship.

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