Chinese investors optimistic of increased trade ties with Kenya

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019 12:25 |
Nakuru Deputy Governor Eric Korir (R) talks to Deputy director-general of commerce in Shandong province in China Lyu Wei (L) during a trade meeting in Enashipai Spa in Naivasha, Kenya, Sept. 10, 2019. (Xinhua/Robert Manyara)

Chinese investors from Shandong province who are on a visit to Kenya on Tuesday expressed confidence that trade between the two nations will increase.

The delegation with almost 100 members and who visited several regions in the countries, said they were keen to import more fruits and vegetables in exchange for increased agricultural machinery and farm inputs in a bid to bridge the trade balance between the two countries.

Lv Wei, deputy director of commerce in Shandong province, said they were keen to increase their imports of aquatic and marine products that stood at 57.8 percent last year in return agricultural products mainly garlic.

"We attach great importance to the issue of quality and safety on imported agricultural products, which can be addressed through training and exchange programs," Lv said during the Shandong-Nakuru economy and trade negotiations conference which was attended by over 300 investors.

She noted that in future, they will market Shandong peanuts, vegetables and fruits in Kenya in return for more Kenyan tea, coffee, avocados and nuts.

Eric Korir, deputy governor of Nakuru County located 150km northwest of Nairobi, said they will partner with investors in the agricultural sector where they was high potential.

"Nakuru has been identified as one of the counties with the highest gross domestic product and ease of doing business and we are ready to work with any investor," he said.

Korir pointed to the pyrethrum, avocado and dairy sectors as those that will undergo full revival, adding that they have already categorized five industrial parks in the county for the purpose, and called on the visiting delegation to offer Kenyan youths scholarships.

Immaculate Maina, minister for agriculture of Nakuru county government, said they will intensify avocado growing, especially after the first batch of the frozen produce was exported to China last week. (Xinhua)

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