Chinese diplomat hails deepening ties with Ethiopia

Monday, November 18th, 2019 00:19 |
Liu Yu (L), Economic and Commercial counselor at the Chinese Embassy to Ethiopia and Tewodros Dawit (R), Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Airports


A Chinese diplomat on Friday hailed China's deepening economic, cultural, social, academic and medical ties with Ethiopia.

Speaking on the sidelines of a media day organized by China communications Construction Company (CCCC) to showcase the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport Terminal Expansion Project, Liu Yu, economic and commercial counselor at the Chinese Embassy to Ethiopia, said Ethiopia-China ties are strong as both countries prepare to celebrate the golden jubilee anniversary of establishment of ties.

Ethiopia and China established diplomatic ties in 1970, with the two countries in recent years forging closer economic, political, social, academic and cultural ties.

Liu said since 1974 China has been providing technical cooperation, soft loans provisions and assisting the human resources development of Ethiopia, affirming the strong bond between the two countries.

"A case in example is China medical team which has been coming annually to Ethiopia to provide free medical services to Ethiopia since 1974."

Liu also said since the turn of the century China has been assisting the development of Ethiopia's large agricultural sector to help it become more productive and efficient.

"Since 2001, Chinese government has dispatched agricultural experts to teach in technical and vocational agricultural schools for Ethiopia."

"the Chinese government has so far trained over 8,300 participants of different professions of Ethiopia covering over 30 areas such as education, agriculture and business management, public health, tourism and even airport management," said Liu.

According to the Chinese Embassy to Ethiopia, over 900 Ethiopians in 2019 alone have been selected to study in China for Masters and Doctorate Programs, underscoring the fast growing academic cooperation between the two countries.

Liu also announced that China will help build a bamboo center in Ethiopia next year, underlining China's commitment to help Ethiopia utilize its natural resources to the fullest.

"China has proved itself to be a true brother and a critical partner to Ethiopia, with China-Ethiopia relationship becoming a model for China-Africa cooperation."

"I firmly believe the relationship between our two countries will become closer and stronger in the future," said Liu. (Xinhua)

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