Census eclipse for Charles Rua, bride Sarah wedding parties

Monday, August 26th, 2019 00:00 |
Charles Rua and Sarah Mugo take marriage vows at St Anne’s Joakim Catholic Church in Ndumberi, Kiambu county, on Saturday. They were forced to cancel evening party plans due to the government order for closure of bars and restaurants on Saturday. Photo/PD/ERIC WAINAINA

Disappointed! That is what Charles Rua and his bride Sarah Mugo, who exchanged  their vows on Saturday, felt when plans to treat their guests to an evening party were thwarted  by the government’s directive to  close entertainment joints to facilitate the national housing and population census.

The couple, who had planned their wedding for several months and even settled all payments, could not bear the disappointment that their evening party, usually the climax of the ceremony that happens at night, would not take place.

Seemingly, Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i’s directive that no business should operate past 5pm to ensure everyone was home for the head-count, dampened the spirits of many merrymakers.

For Rua and Mugo, who exchanged their vows at St Anne’s Joakim Catholic Church, Karunga in Ndumberi, Kiambu county, they were forced to call off the evening party at Woody Gardens on Kiambu Road to adhere to the directive.

No merry-making

The couple had paid Sh60,000 for the venue and had invited relatives and friends, but the master of ceremony, during the wedding reception which took place at Ndumberi Stadium, told those who had planned to attend the evening party that it had been cancelled.

The unexpected turn of events was emphasised by Ndumberi Ward Representative Kimani Kamaguru who was among those who attended the wedding.

“Today is a big day for Charles and Sarah but unfortunately, after the cake-cutting ceremony, there will be no evening party as earlier planned. We will all go home to be counted,” said Kamaguru. 

The couple’s best man, Kariuki Njomo, said: “We were disappointed by the turn of events which we never expected because though today (Saturday) was a good day, it did not have a happy ending since the evening parties are the climax of the day”.

Businesses affected

During an interview with People Daily yesterday, Rua did not hide his disappointed. He did not, however, want to dwell on the matter that also affected hundreds of couples countrywide. 

Revellers who had showed up in clubs during the day were also forced to go home by 6pm after the management closed the entertainment joints to comply with  Matiang’i’s order.

Last week, Matiang’i  ordered all bars and clubs closed from Saturday 5pm to Sunday to facilitate a smooth national population and housing census.

Although they obeyed the orders, proprietors registered their disappointment saying the directive translated to huge losses  considering that their businesses thrive on weekends.  

Richard Kagiri, the chairman of the Kiambu County Bar Owners Association said the government should have devised better ways of ensure the exercise succeeds without interfering with their businesses.

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