There’s an ultimate cost for the celebrating status

Monday, April 6th, 2020 00:00 |
Betty Kyalo.

For many celebrities in the show business, fame comes as a double-edged sword. But one gets to choose which side of the blade to use and it comes with its own cost, writes CHEBET KORIR

A lot of people envy, admire you and look up to celebrities. But one thing though, life, especially among the showbiz celebs can be overbearing.

Their popularity among the general population tends to poke holes in everything they do, leaving them with little or no privacy.

Sometimes, the thought of living a normal day-to-day life in the public eye comes with a lot of criticism. 

Last week, sassy TV news anchor Betty Kyalo was among the most trending public figures.

This was brought by a viral video on one of her social media forums where she came out to ask critics to stop judging her for wanting to ease off the pressure that comes with her job.

According to the post on Instagram, her family is overly protective on her, but there are some who still say she is supposed to be a role model to her child, and by so doing, she cannot go to the club to have a good time. “The pressure in this career is horrible,” she says.

Fellow celebrities such as Shaffie Weru came to her defense by saying no human is perfect as everyone is dealing with their own imperfections.

MC Point Blank.

Kenyan activist Boniface Mwangi also supported her, saying that Betty owed no one an apology for having a good time and living her life.

Emmanuel Nyakwanda aka MC Point Blank is Kenyan rapper, illustrator, animator and podcaster. He says fame is an illusion that goes to someone’s head quite easily.

“I tasted it in 2009 and I got so overwhelmed by it because money was in plenty. When I lost it all in 2011, it became clear; Guys care about being seen as famous and will do anything to have that.

The cost is high; you end up in debt while chasing the fame. Then you suddenly start hating what got you famous at the first place, because you can’t tell the difference any more,” he says.

Fake lifestyles

Rapper Gabu (the one third of the now defunct genge group P-Unit) says a huge number of celebrities cannot live a normal life because of the constant pressure.

“Something as normal as going to the shop to buy a loaf of bread is a task because you are expected to have everything.


We all want to live a stress free life, but fame has made many showbiz celebrities change their lifestyles.

Having a million followers on social media does not mean that you have a lot of friends; most of them are just fans who are there for your music not you,” he tells Spice.

There has also been talk about celebrities being housed by rich friends just to show the fans they are living a good life, but in reality, life has hit them hard.

Diman Mkare is a popular fashionprenuer and online TV co-host. He is known for calling out artistes who live fake lives.

He says: “There is always a negative side to fame because some artistes do not want to live their real life.

I have a friend—I will not mention his name—who was once signed under Grandpa Records. He had hits that made him rise to fame and he was the talk of town.

Diman Mkare.

Due to one two many reasons he is currently living desolately back in the village.”

But he urges fans to understand that celebs are like any other human being and they should therefore, allow them to live their lives the way they want to avoid such incidences.

Thrill to impress

Bradly Otunde was once a popular dancer known by his moniker Brado the Brand. A decade ago, he was a regular on a number of events and was also featured in a number of music videos in Kenya.

However, much is not heard of him nowadays because, as he says, fans adored him, a thing that made him got so caught up pleasing them to an extent of literally forgetting himself.

He says, “I had everything; money, women and my family was happy. I had all that I wanted, but I lost it because I was always criticised.

This affected even my attitude towards life and I have never been the same again.” He told Spice that life is better now with no limelight and pressure from the world.

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