Carry your own cross: Kipsang told after dopping ban

Saturday, July 11th, 2020 00:00 |
long distance runner Wilson Kipsang’.

Anti-Doping Association of Kenya (ADAK) has absolved itself from the woes bedeviling long distance runner Wilson Kipsang’ in which he has been slapped with a four-year ban by Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) for violating anti doping guidelines.

However, ADAK was categorical that the 2014 London Marathon champion should carry his own cross for violating AIU doping rules in which he missed four doping tests without informing the body of his whereabouts as per the guidelines.

“The rules are very clear. AIU has a registered testing pool of 90 Kenyan pools including Kipsang’ and if he did not observe the one-day window period to give his locality then this is punishable by the AIU rules,’’ said ADAK chairman Japhter Rugut.

He reiterated that the deterrent measure taken on Kipsang was done in Monaco and that ADAK was not involved whatsoever.

“Shifting blames will always be there but let all and sundry know that ADAK was not involved in the drastic action taken by AIU,” said Rugut.

He further said that ADAK had more or less similar protocol as AIU in that it has a registered testing pool and constantly tutors athletes on doping issues including observing the window failure of which is immediate sanctions.

“We have 56 Kenyan athletes under our jurisdiction and each one of them knows what is required to do when it comes to doping tests, It is that clear,” said Rugut.

The stringent sanction on Kipsang’ has since resulted into the athlete pointing accusing fingers on Athletics Kenya and ADAK, while announcing that he had officially quit the sport over what he described as ‘witch-hunt’.

“The fact that I I’m vouching for an elective post in the belated AK polls is why some top mandarins are going for my jugular.

I have known this for a lengthy time and dissident voices will not deter my ambitions,” said Kipsang.

He also alleged that AK was against the formation of Professional Athletes Association of Kenya (PAK) of which he is Chairman for joining the bandwagon of athletics politics and event went ahead to ban some runners who are members.

“It should not escape into the ears of many that Julius Ndegwa and Jacob Yator were banished by AK for being active members of PAK and it is little wonder that our races are not recognized by the umbrella body.” said Kipsang.

The 38-year-old athlete had earlier on chided AK, saying the body Is determined to drag his name into murk in regards to the doping issue.

In the meantime, Kipsang’ is livid with AIU over what he said was application of jungle rules relating to testing of athletes.

“Its foolhardy to ban an athlete for such a period without exhausting all avenues in regards to his or her whereabouts ahead of testing. I take this as setting of a bad precedence,” he said.

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