Caroline Kangogo death debate: What we know so far

Saturday, July 17th, 2021 15:05 |
Corporal Caroline Kangogo's death mystery. PHOTO: Courtesy.

The long search for the fugitive killer cop Caroline Kangogo came to a sad end on Friday morning after her body was discovered in a bathroom, located 40 meters away from her parents' homestead in Nyawa village, Elgeyo Marakwet County.

The discovery of her body came exactly 10 days after she went missing after killing constable John Ogweno in Nakuru and later Peter Ndwiga in Kiambu.

People Daily Digital learnt that her body was first discovered by her mother, Leah Kangogo, who then alerted immediate family members.

The matter was then reported to the police by the area chief.

According to the police report, the Kangogo might have shot herself using a firearm from below her chin resulting in the bullet exiting her head slightly above the left ear.

Scene of crime

Police officers found one Ceskar pistol which was cocked with a magazine loaded with eight rounds of ammunition at the scene one in the chamber. One used cartridge and one bullet head were also found.

According to a picture seen by People Daily, she was dressed in black trousers, a yellow pullover and a head covered with a black shawl.

These are the same clothes she wore on the day she allegedly killed her second victim at lodging in Kiambu.

Her left hand was in the pocket of her yellow jumper, while the right hand was holding part of the Ceskar pistol. She still had black shoes on.

Not suicide

Minutes after Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya attributed the course of her death to suicide, a section of Kenyans dismissed the remarks.

Many poked holes in the position of Kangogo’s body at the scene of crime saying there were more questions than answers regarding her death.

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula called for more investigations into her alleged suicide to establish more facts on the mystery surrounding her demise.

“Corporal Caroline Kangogo is dead from an alleged suicide. This should not bring closure to investigations as to who killed the two men associated with her. We might never know her side of the story! In the complex world of crime, there could be a third force!!” Wetangula said.

Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi questioned the validity of suicide claims saying no proof has been provided to substantiate the claim.

“The media has been conscripted by DCI to run with the cover-up story “Caroline Kangogo commits suicide.” Who was the witness? When was the autopsy done? I remember telling special crimes boss on Tuesday, “I am sure you guys will eventually tell us that you found her dead,” Havi said.

Criminal Lawyer Cliff Ombeta also disputed the suicide claim saying the position of her body speaks otherwise.

“This lady did not commit suicide...Gun placed in hand unlike where it would be because of the recoil. Blood splatter and drag would not be at the front. Shows she was brought there and left to bleed. Placing of the cover on the head? The yellow Jersey still?” Ombeta claimed.

Suicide note

Hot on the heels of questions surrounding her death, pictures of phone text messages purporting to be a suicide note left by the deceased cop emerged.

First, in the text messages, she points a finger of blame at her boss in Nakuru for sexual harassment at work.

Secondly, bad blood between her father, who declined to let her remarry, and her estranged husband believed to be a senior police officer.

She further alleges that Ndwiga, her second victim, conned her money with the promise of procuring a new vehicle on her behalf. She notes that she has no apologies for her death.

The note, however, has an apology to the family of Ogweno who she described as a partner who gave her true love.

“To my people, it’s my wedding day dress me in a white gown that Ngeno didn’t afford,” the note read in part.

“To my parents am requesting my body be cremated to end your suffering. Remember to take good care of my children,” the note added.

Kangogo’s body lies at Iten County Referral morgue as police continue with their investigations.

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