Car devices that will change your driving experience

Saturday, February 1st, 2020 09:20 |

With technology pentrating every area of our lives, there’s an invention every waking moment in that respect, and the automobile world has not been left behind.

Here are some innovations that promise to make your life behind the wheel a little easier and convenient.

Intelligent drive assist to avoid breaking road rules

It’s every driver’s nightmare to find themselves in police drama after breaking road rules, and Safebrick is an intelligent drive assistant that not only warns you whenever you’re speeding, but also notifies you when you are heading in the wrong direction among other features.

The gadget is installed in your car, and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Avoid losing concentration

Able to keep charge for 15 hours, Stopsleep is a double ring gadget that you wear on any two fingers of either hand.

It analyses the electrodermal activity of your skin, looking for changes in activity of the sweat glands and your nervous system.

This technique – the same one used in lie detectors – is meant to detect any drops in concentration and the on-set of drowsiness. This it does five minutes prior, and vibrates to alarm the driver to focus.

Phone holder also charges wirelessly

Holding your phone while steering the car is not only difficult, it’s also dangerous and could land you in trouble.

If this is your predicament, you may want to check out the Pama Qi wireless car smartphone charger-cum-holder, that can make using your smartphone on the go easier.

Designed to charge your Qi-compatible device without the mess of cables, it can position it in either portrait or landscape. The gadget uses Qi induction technology to charge, and fits any device up to 110mm wide.

Catch that parking ‘scratcher’

Imagine the annoying feeling of marching to your car at the parking lot only to find someone ‘scratched’ it while they were trying to get into the slot next to yours, or worse, to find that it’s missing.

The Auto i is a 360-degree smart security car camera that works with an app on your phone to notify you whenever there’s been an incident with your vehicle.

Enabled with GPS tracking feature, the gadget mounted on the rear view mirror position also gives you video proof of the incident.

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