Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru raps Deputy President Ruto over economic model

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021 00:00 |
ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru. PHOTO: Courtesy

Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru yesterday took on Deputy President William Ruto over what he termed as politics of tokenism and a bottom-up economic model which he claimed is a ploy to hoodwink Kenyans.

The Information, Communication and Technology minister called out churches which he said have been silenced by massive donations from politicians who in turn are accorded space at the pulpit to preach the gospel of division and nudge citizens towards a class war.

In an open attack on the Deputy President  and his Tanga Tanga brigade, Mucheru wondered why the church has not flagged out individuals he described as Bible-waving politicians, who have targeted the youth especially because they think – wrongly – that youth are gullible and easy to manipulate.

“Do not be led down the garden path. Do not be lied to. You must expose these peddlers for who they are: Snake oil salesmen who will go to any extent to gain political power,” he said.

“You must see beyond the smokescreen and unmask these people who are out to take advantage of you,” he said during the official launch of the NCCK Youth Fragility Report, NCCK Youth Policy Survey Report, and NCCK Five-Year Youth Programme at the national youth conference yesterday.

Mucheru noted that for the country to have a “Wholesome Youth for a Wholesome Society”, society, including the church, must endeavour to tell the truth even when it hurts – because the truth shall set you free.

“There is, however, a scarcity of truth in our society in general and I dare add, in some of our churches as well,” he held.

According to him, whereas the church should be the pillar of truth, the beacon of light that should shine on these dark falsehoods by false prophets, to a large extent, some churches have not lived up to this expectation.

Ruto has often been criticised for giving out money and other donations to churches, youths, women and welfare groups.

Yesterday, the DP defended the model, saying it was aimed at creating jobs and that it will have more benefits than the trickle-down economics that breeds patronage.

Speaking after he met with leaders from the Western Bloc Economic in Naivasha, Ruto said however difficult it may be, the conversation on economy is a must have going into the 2022 General Election and it shall involve ordinary people.

Asked for his take on what Mucheru had said earlier, Ruto responded: “I don’t wish to respond to those criticising what we are doing, because we believe criticism is not entirely a bad thing.”

 “At least they are recognising that we are having a conversation which is good enough, and they are also appreciating that this is the only conversation in Kenya today, they don’t have an alternative conversation, that in itself is an appreciation that we are driving in the right direction,” he added.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has on several occasions accused Ruto of using riches acquired through ‘suspect means’ to fund religious causes.

In defence, Ruto has defended his generosity saying it’s only the mean who are agitated.

The CS advised youths to familiatise themselves with the writings of author Wole Soyinka who stated that a tiger does not proclaim its tigritude; instead it pounces.

“And so, it should be for some of these politicians; they should not just proclaim their religious bent, but they should live it through pious actions and deeds, if indeed they are God-fearing people who care for this country,” he cautioned.

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