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Butchery owner finds perfect partner in Ford Ranger 4X4

Friday, September 27th, 2019 00:00 |

John Mbugua, 63, is a businessman with a burning ambition to serve his customers. The Dagoretti Corner native, is a butchery owner, who has run the business for 31 years.

His butchery has blossomed over time and requires a vehicle to ensure fresh cut products get to the destination on time and without hassles.

To achieve this, Mbugua, who has cut his teeth for nearly four decades in the business, has tried and tested different modes of transportation. 

For somebody who started driving straight after primary school, his love for wheels grew into an understanding of what was perfect.

“I started out in 1973, working at a slaughterhouse in Dagoretti as a cleaner before graduating into a driver,” says the well-known butcher along Ngong Road due to his knack for good meat.

His business, Jogen Butchery and Meat Supplier, serves a large spectrum of clients and this has meant his vehicle must meet the demands of the job.

Enter the association with CMC Motors Group this year and Mbugua has had his life change significantly. After 24 years of using different makes of pick-ups and trucks for his business, he made the big shift this year when he purchased a Ford Ranger 4X4 pick-up that suddenly made him appreciate comfort in its fullness.

“I have had several vehicles for business but when I contacted CMC Motors Group, they showed me what was on offer and I knew I was ready for change. To me, reliability and stability is very important in a utility car for business. The Ford Ranger 4X4 was the best thing that happened to me because of its strength in all fronts. Plus, of course, I get to enjoy 100,000 kilometres or three years of service and maintenance for free on top of the manufacturers’ warranty. This is a big deal for me because it means my business can succeed,” he says of the car worth Sh4 million.

Mbugua saw an advert on television last year and subsequently has been seeing police use the Ford Ranger 4X4 pick-up and thought it was fit for his work.

“When I discovered its consumption is manageable, I went to a dealer who negotiated financing with my bank,” he adds.


Mbugua has owned saloon cars, trucks, pick-ups and even lorries but he is now at peace and at home with the new catch he bought in April.

“Incidentally, not so many people understand or know much about the Ranger. Be it the double cab or single cabin pick-up, it is revolutionising the transport industry,” says the businessman who bought his first car in 1992 for Sh250,000.

CMC Motors Group, which is a member of the Al-Futtaim Group Company, took interest in Mbugua as he had shown a need for change in his business operations.

According to Doreen Chebet, a senior sales executive at the firms Lusaka Road headquarters in Nairobi, the company saw an opportunity to add value to Mbugua’s business.

“At the end of the day, we want to see our customers happy and beneficiaries of quality service,” she says.

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