Businessman gets six years behind bars for murder in ‘love triangle’

Monday, October 7th, 2019 18:04 |

Businessman Leonard Kanari Gitui who allegedly shot and killed another man in a suspected love triangle has been sentenced to six years in jail.

This is after he was found guilty of killing Christopher Muganda at Garden Estate in Kasarani, Nairobi County in 2016.

While delivering the sentence Justice Jessy Lessit said that Kanari used intense force when he shot dead the deceased person who was unarmed which is against the law. 

"The court has considered the entire evidence adduced by the prosecution in support of its case against the accused person. Having done so, I am satisfied that a prima facie case has been established against the accused to warrant this court find him guilty of the charge of murder and convict him according," ruled Justice Lessit.

Kanari who is a  of director of Regional Royal Transmission Ltd based in Nakuru committed the offence on the night of May 26 at Icon Flats in Garden Estate, Kasarani, Nairobi county.  

Eddah Kamau the woman caught up in the love triangle informed the court that she was in a relationship with Muganda since 2008 and they had a daughter named after the deceased. 

She also said that she “has known Gitui since 2013, but as close friend and business partner; he was dealing in imported concrete and wooden poles.”

In the judgment the court noted that Kanari did not prove self-defense as he claims that he acted in self-defense.

“The cause of death was bleeding from the gunshot wound at the abdomen,” ruled Lessit.

Justice Lessit further ruled that this was a crime of passion because the accused was found at the house of the deceased.

Kanari was confronted by the deceased as he was found at his house and there was a disapropriate attack against deceased by accused who shot him.

On the fateful night, Gitui and Eddah met at a mall on Thika Road where they shared drinks. She then allegedly asked Gitui to drop her home, not far from the mall.

Gitui allegedly carried her shopping to the house but Eddah warned him not to overstay because the area was unsafe. It is alleged that Gitui was in her house for about 15 minutes before leaving.

Muganda who was reportedly hiding in a poorly lit area confronted Gitui.The scorned man drew his pistol and shot the other man before driving off.

Muganda was confirmed dead at a Nairobi clinic where he was rushed with bullet wounds in his stomach. In mitigation, Kanari said that he is remorseful and that he is married with three school going children.

“I was injured during the confrontation with the deceased and I pray that the court grant me a non-custodial sentence because I am a bread winner of my family,” said Kanari.

Kanari had earlier been charged with alesser charge of manslaughter at Makadara Law courts since during arrest he had tried to interfere with evidence and witnesses including attempts to influence his charge.

The prosecution allegedly reported conflicting stories in Kiambu and Kasarani police stations respectively that he met with Eddah and conspired with her in her house to kill the decease.

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