Burials are the spreading grounds for Covid-19, not political rallies – Mutahi Kagwe

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 18:03 |
Health CS Mutahi Kagwe. Photo/D/Alex Mburu

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe now claims that burials are the spreading grounds for Covid-19 and not political rallies.

The CS, who was speaking on Sunday September 27, 2021 after commissioning the construction of Kigumo Level 4 Hospital in Muranga county, claimed that the presidential directive banning public gatherings has bore fruits in containing the spread of the novel disease.

Kagwe said that funerals are currently the spreading grounds of the contagious disease as they attract large number of people.

"Since the ban of public gatherings, I think you have noticed a change in that direction. Our problem is actually continues to funerals. Funerals are where people continue gathering in large numbers. It is important for us not to do that for the infection numbers to come down," he said.

The CS further stated that if Kenyans steered away from the funerals, infections would lessen and prompt the government to open up the economy.

"If the infection numbers come down, we will be able to open the economy and people will be able to go to funerals and so on. At that point we would have contained the virus. Once we contain it, people will be free to do what they usually do in their lives," he added.

Kagwe urged Kenyans not to drop their guards even as the country witnesses a diminution in Covid-19 cases.

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