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Budget 2021/22: Embu residents want fuel, farm chemicals costs reduced

Thursday, June 10th, 2021 13:28 |
Embu residents want fuel, farm chemicals costs reduced. PHOTO: PD

Residents from Embu have high expectations over the 20221/22 budget which is set to be unveiled by Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani on Thursday.

Many of those who spoke to People Daily want the budget to consider basic needs that affect the ordinary mwananchi.

Chairman Kirurumo Farmers’ Cooperative Society Wilfred Njeru Njiru is calling for the government to lower the prices of basic items such as food so as to alleviate sufferings of wananchi.

Njiru said ordinary wananchi are worse hit by the high cost of living, a matter which the government should address.

Anthony Njagi on his part has called on the government to consider lowering the prices of fuel which is leading to high transportation costs.

Njagi also wants the Treasury CS to consider lowering the prices of farm chemicals which are high leading to a huge cost of production.

Lalysia Ng’endo has urged the government to consider lowering the prices of foodstuffs for residents to be able to meet their basic needs.

Her sentiments on high prices of food are echoed by Elizabeth Gatimu who hails from Kirinyaga County adding that the government should consider lowering prices of petrol.

Alfred Muriuki, a human rights activist in Embu, urged the government not to tax small businesses saying they will lose stability.

John Mugo Mate the Chairman of Chamber of Commerce Embu chapter said lowering prices of basic commodities is the only solution to the runaway cases of poverty as a result of Covid-19.

''We need to hear the prices of bread go down. paraffin, petrol and diesel, basic commodities mean everything to our lives,'' said Mate. 

On his part, Joshua Njeru challenged the government to ensure hospitals are allocated a good budget to facilitate quality services.

 An overriding call from residents is for the budget to be lowered and the government to consider cushioning the suffering wananchi by lowering prices of basic needs.

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