Brunch is back: Pastime is resuming after a long hiatus occasioned by Covid-19 pandemic

Thursday, August 26th, 2021 00:00 |
Calamari can’t look more savoury! Photo/PD/FAITH KYOUMUKAMA

Foodies, if there is one thing I had missed, was brunch. It paused through most restaurants in town, but I love that, slowly most restaurants are reintroducing it back to their menus and of course making Sundays a little bit more special.

I recently visited Sarova Panafric on Valley Road, to savour their new brunch menu. 

The breakfast and lunch combo at the hotel is set up outside, beside the pool, creating that serene ambiance even for the young ones. A glass of mimosa on arrival is just a great way to start a brunch feast. 

Just so you know... the best way to enjoy brunch is by pacing your foodie self. It’s a buffet so it will be better to take a walk and check out what’s on offer then you decide what’s going on the plate. 

Also when doing brunch, I like to start with breakfast meals then go for the lunch menu after say two hours, then you can have dessert 30 minutes after.

Buffet at Sarova lasts around five hours meaning you have enough time to savour and give yourself breaks in between.

They have a wide range of meals on the menu, including seafood. 

Around the swimming pool, the setup consists of a salad bar and a live cooking section as well. 

My wheat gloves are off for a minute, so I was ready to indulge. For breakfast I had, strands of bacon, bruschetta, roast sausages, croissants, and a glass of bubbly.

I love the fact that their breakfast menu has a wide variety to choose from and the most important part is that they are served hot. 

Exquisite taste

Their seafood station is tempting with all the food items staring at you as if to say ‘pick me’ — they have crab, prawns, calamari and even octopus.

You can choose to have a whole plate of seafood, then come. back later for a full feast of other delicacies.

The calamari tops my list of seafood faves, and even though usually I would go for the ones that are coated with crumbs.

This was still exquisite in taste and flavour, I shied away from the crab, because eating crab is like eating a burger in public.

A fellow foodie sitting across from my table was digging in through the crab tearing it apart in bits and pieces and I couldn’t help, but admire his boldness, it seemed delicious.  

Hot dishes on offer for brunch, include a lot of coastal dishes, Indian cuisine, and also Kenyan local foods.

If you like biryani, you will enjoy their biryani, which combines all the flavours from the Kenyan coast in one dish.

There is always more than one way of preparing something, and this biryani just takes it up another notch. 

On the grill, they have chicken, pork and goat meat. The pork chops are roasted with rosemary and cumin givin strong and savoury flavours.

I must also talk about their mini burgers with bacon and beef pattie... it doesn’t have the cheese dripping over, but it’s mouth-watering goodness packed in one sandwich. 

While at it, you also have to try the chicken wings. The dessert spread is the perfect dream spread for sugar lovers.

The dessert selection is fantastic with bold variety. Not only were the treats beautifully presented, but they tasted great with my favourites being the carrot cake and the chocolate cake.

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