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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 00:00 |
Wanjiku Wanjohi, founder Jijibuzz. Photo/COURTESY

With people staying home in observance of Covid-19 protocols, Wanjiku Wanjohi saw an opportunity to entertain them.

Adalla Allan @Adalla_Allan

If ever there was a time to appreciate all the benefits the Internet brings and could bring, it is during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Millions of people have been able to meet and maintain their social bonds, whether separated by distance or ailment.

And for the entertainment buffs, the pandemic has not stopped them from getting shows from their favourite entertainers as live streaming concerts have become the new normal. 

 Against this new backdrop, Jijibuzz, an online platform, was created to provide diverse crowdsourced information about live streaming events taking place daily, while giving creators a space to shine.

It is the brainchild of Wanjiku Wanjohi, who came up with the idea in April when people were at home in observance of Covid-19 protocols.

The move was informed and inspired by people’s need to be entertained and informed without leaving their homes.

“With my knowledge in tech, I built the website on my own in three weeks. I did a course in Bachelors in Business Information Technology (BBIT) at Strathmore University, so I used my tech know-how to come up with the website,” she says, 

She adds: “I have friends who are abroad and since the borders were shut due to the lockdown, I wanted to create a space where they would all feel updated about the events happening locally and they would be able to attend them as well provided that they have the access to the Internet,” she says. 

The name Jiji is Swahili for  urban centre and Buzz denotes an atmosphere of excitement and activity. 

“In short, we seek to connect people and help them find their communities with the same interests globally” Wanjiku adds.

While starting the website, making money through the platform was never in her mind, but currently, she earns through collaborations, promoting other platforms and working with other online spaces such as Dunda Live to amplify their events. 

The 30-year old technologist says social media response has been quite positive, and she is working on developing Jijibuzz app and to make the website bigger.

The distinct thing that has kept the site grow is the diversity of content it offers. 

“With our platform, there is something for everyone, you will rarely access our site and come out unsatisfied with our taste of events.

We update on upcoming political events, DJs and artists livestream performances, talks, podcasts and faith-based events.

The other aspect that has made Jijibuzz more popular is that using it is a walk in a park, you simply type “” to access it and you are good to go,” she explaisns.

 To run an event on this platform, one simply shares the link of their social media accompanied with the poster they want to be seen, and then Wanjiku runs it on the site. 

“I wanted this platform to be for everyone, like if you have an event posted in your Instagram you send it to our email and we run it,” she says.

Wanjiku also confides that even though the platform was born on the background of the pandemic, she plans to continue running it even when things go back to normal. 

“We have come to realise that people are suffering from social anxiety, others want to enjoy these things at home, so we have chosen to continue with it and make it bigger in the pandemic aftermath,” she says.

She currently runs the platform alone, but has a colleague who manages the Jijibuzz social media.

Running the platform is time-intensive, considering she has other duties to perform daily. 

Wanjiku’s aspiration is to take the local adverts to another level, 

“Basically, the platform cannot remain online throughout, we want to take it offline as well, where we will be having festivals and partnering with people.

I see Jijibuzz going international in some years to come, ” she says in conclusion. 

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