Boy drowns as heavy rains hit Mathioya

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 16:38 |

A family in Mathioya, Murang'a County, woke up to a shocking Monday morning after finding crosses planted outside their house.

One of the crosses had been uprooted from a grave and the other could not be identified.

"When I woke up, I first saw the cross and I was really terrified. I identified it as it appears to have been uprooted from a grave in my in-law's place," Said Priscilla Nyakiiga, a family member.

The identified cross belonged to a grave of a person who died in 2012.

Apart from the crosses, human feaces were also found scattered around the homestead.

An elderly family member however, reported to have had a running stomach the previous night and could not reach the pit latrine that is several yards away.

A son from the home blamed his elder siblings who he accused of wanting to terrify the rest family members. The home is said to have unsettled family disputes.

A villager of Wambwe said that the incident was shocking because a thing has never been seen or heard of in the area.

"We were also shocked. None of these things have ever been seen in this village. We are asking for help to know who did this because this is disgusting," said Grace Wambui, a villager.

Police officers and local administrators camped at the home yesterday trying to unravel the mystery.

The family is now planning a church service to uproot the crosses and return them to their respective graves.

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