Bomet men warned against losing tea bonus to twilight girls

Wednesday, October 28th, 2020 15:37 |
Bomet men warned against losing tea bonus money to twilight girls

Following the Kenya Tea Development Agency's (KTDA) payment of tea bonuses to farmers, Bomet County Police Commander Naomi Ichami has warned men against losing their cash to twilight girls.

According to a report by the Kenya News Agency, commercial female sex workers have flocked several towns of Bomet, all eyeing the tea bonuses.

The twilight girls have reportedly booked hotels in Konoin, Sotik and other trading centres, waiting for men to spend cash on them.

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The County Commander over the past weekend advised the tea farmers against merrymaking.

She also raised security concerns and advised people not to carry large sums of liquid cash that can attract robbers.

“Even with your digital platforms, you can still be robbed of your money because there are cybercriminals out there who will force you to reveal security details to your bank accounts,” she added.

“So the best thing to do is to be wise, go home and discuss with your family on the best projects to invest your money in and stop the nonsense of partying away all your money,” she said.

KTDA last week announced the tea bonus payments, for the year ended June 2020, against a backdrop of increasing pressure from farmers to allow the enactment of the proposed reforms.

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