Bold sense of style – meet Lorna Muchemi

Wednesday, March 24th, 2021 00:00 |
Lorna Muchemi.

Lorna Muchemi who also goes by the name lornzie is a content creator, fashion enthusiast and a member of the YouTube channel Over 25. She speaks to Faith Kyoumukama about her style.

Your style in three words?

Audacious, chic, sultry.

What’s your first ‘fashion’ memory?

These cool denim dungaree shorts I wore on my sixth birthday. They had musical notes embroidered in white all over them and I thought that was so cool and unique. 

Tell us about your style evolution?

I feel like I’ve always had style, but haven’t always had the confidence. Growing up as an over-weight teen, I always wore baggy clothes to hide my body.

It was years later while in the university that I started to embrace my body as a woman’s body and to dress it accordingly.

As soon as I graduated and started to make my own money, that’s when I officially started to experiment and express myself through my clothes and slowly gain the confidence to do me. 

You recently gave us a glimpse of some fashion items you designed on your Instagram page, tell us about it and what we should expect. 

It is a brand that tackles the lack of inclusivity in women’s clothing by creating options for plus-size women. I want to provide fashionable clothes that fit these women, and well. 

Throughout  your fitness journey, have you experienced a change in outfit choices? 

No, my style has pretty much remained the same throughout. 

Your favourite splurge clothing brand would be?

Not a clothing brand, but I splurge in thrift stores a lot more. Most of my fashion pieces are thrifted. 

What’s your most recent favourite wardrobe item?

The ruched irregular skirt from my upcoming store has quickly become a staple for me. 

What’s your favourite place to shop for clothes?

Unfortunately, abroad. Only because they have trendy, good quality, plus size clothing that is affordable.

The pandemic affected travel meaning I have had to skip my yearly trip to Canada to visit my sister and to shop. 

What’s your fashion tip for curvy women?

Accept and embrace your body, then dress as per your body size and/or type.

Have you ever had a wardrobe malfunction, what’s your story?

Yes! I was once out with my friends and the entire sole of one of my boots came off. I had to leave, go home and change, then go back and join them.It happened when all the fun was just beginning...sigh! 

If you could wear one colour for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Mustard, been in love with it for a couple of years now. 

Which occasion do you have the hardest time dressing for?

Halloween! I’ve dressed up twice and both times I’ve been so stressed!

If you could trade characters with anyone for their fashion alone, who would it be?

Rihanna! I love her style.

You seem to love sneakers, how many pairs do you own?

Not enough, sigh!

What’s your fashion philosophy?

#MyDressMyChoice has stuck with me since 2014 because of the horrible things that were happening to women in Kenya.

That honestly broke my heart, to think that we live in such a country. Women in Kenya and the world over should have the right to dress however they please.

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