Blood of Zeus

Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 12:00 |

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Do you ever wonder what happened to the little-known demigods in Greek mythology?

Well, one Netflix series, Blood of Zeus wants to answer that. Focusing on demigod Heron (Derek Phillips), the son of Zeus and Electra (Mamie Gummer), the story weaves the tale of gods and man, and the often thin line between the two.

In this case, Heron is a vital tool in saving heaven and earth from destruction, and has to contend on his parentage, especially when he thinks his father abandoned him and his mother. 

He also has to face the anti-hero, Seraphin, with whom they are linked in unbroken way.

The tale takes us through the (mis)adventure of the hero, as he is fiddled by the gods and fate in a fight he has no hand in.

That it is animation instead of live rendition, makes the series a must-watch. 

The action is well coordinated, which is not surprising considering the studio that worked on it produced the popular series, Castlevania.

As such, it comes with violence, gore and nudity- so be prepared for it. Be ready to be entertained in eight episodes of fast-paced binge-worthy action. Score: 8/10

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