Bishop accused of snatching wife, children from faithful unrepentant

Monday, August 26th, 2019 00:00 |
Bishop Mugweru’s wife Agnes Wangivi with John Kanyua who lost his spouse and children to the man of the cloth. Photo/PD/MATHEW NDUNG’U

In a case equitable to a shepherd feasting on his flock, a 61-year-old bishop in Juja, Kiambu county, who is accused of snatching a wife and five children from a faithful has vowed to not let go “a loving, humble and understanding wife who has given him the peace that he yearned for years”.

Bishop Francis Mugweru, the head bishop at Joy Springs Ministry Church in Juja farm, says he has already dumped his wife and will now formalise another union with his new catch, Leah Wambui. 

“I am not ready for any reconciliation with my former wife. My decision to ditch her was final and I am forging forward with my preparations to formalise my new marriage,” the man of the cloth told People Daily in an interview.

Mugweru shocked faithful and residents alike when  he took off with the wife and five children of John Kanyua, a church member he supported spiritually during his youth—and even officiated their marriage.

The cleric, who separated with his wife Agnes Wangivi, 51, in 2013 after she allegedly threatened to kill him said he is now a happy man, adding his former wife with whom he has three adult children, some of who have married is an “infidel”.

He accused Wangivi of selling their vehicle and several cows, and using the proceeds to allegedly “further her adulterous escapades”.

Quit marriage

“She started by luring one of my former house boys into a love affair before she opened up to other men. I decided to quit the marriage but carried nothing with me from the house. I separated with her at Juja Police Station after she threatened to kill me. I left my house to go find peace and I will never return there,” he said.

Wangivi, who still resides in the mansion that the two built together, said the bishop does not pick her calls or that of his children. “One of the grandsons is unwell but the bishop no longer picks our calls. He has cut all our communication,” she said.

Kanyua, 48, is still in disbelief over how the man of God who supported them spiritually during their young days and even signed their marriage certificate in March of 2013 could take his family.

He said he and Wambui had children before they held a colourful wedding. He remembers how he spent thousands of shillings on the fancy ceremony. “The bishop started preying on my wife even before we formalised our marriage. We had children before we did a formal wedding,” he said.

Look for another lover

The bishop then fronted Wambui to become an assistant pastor at the church, despite having dropped out of school in Class Six, after which she started getting home late leading to frequent rows.

 But the bishop says Kanyua divorced Wambui in 2014 and has since failed to provide for his five children. “Instead of him sitting there mourning all day, let him look for another wife who can take care of him. Our train has already left the station and there is no turning back,” he said.

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