Billy Frank and Faithcaren Moche walks down the isle

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Billy Frank and Faithcaren Moche during their wedding.

Marcella Akinyi

Where did this love story start? 

Faith: Our story began with a friend request on Instagram. In 2016, our mutual friend, who was our best man; Drew Mwadime, posted a picture of himself with Billy on Instagram and I commented on the picture asking if that was really the Billy Frank I knew from Kenya.

Drew tagged Billy in his reply, then Billy came around, introduced himself to me and sent me a friend request. We would then chat once in a while. In January 2017, he asked for my number and asked me out on a githeri date.

His corny joke (pun intended) made me laugh so hard and I decided to give him my number.

We began talking daily and later, he asked to come to meet me in North Carolina, US where I live. That’s when our courtship began.

Billy: The githeri date sealed it for me! Faith had a calm and peaceful presence to her that I deeply connected with every time we talked.

Faithcaren being presented.

Her humility was evident even in the way she spoke and as time passed, I relocated to Dallas from Seattle and I knew I had to go meet her in person.

On the first date, she knew exactly what she wanted with such straightforward answers. Her steadfast kind spirit and peaceful nature served as God’s way of confirming that Faith was indeed my wife to-be.

What was it like dating? 

I was living in Dallas while Faith was living with her parents in NC. She enrolled in school the day we started dating and it was tough. The long distance didn’t make it any easier.

With her going to school, we literally didn’t have a lot of time with each. In fact, our first year was so hard it almost didn’t work out, but we worked through it. 

How did you propose and what indicated that it was the right time to go on one knee? 

I knew if I didn’t do then I wasn’t going to do it and I couldn’t wait any longer after the two years of dating.

Deep down, I knew she was the one and I wasn’t going to take chances. I decided to do a simple proposal because Faith loves simplicity.

Billy Frank beiung presented.

We went out for dinner along with her younger sister Sally, who was part of the planning, and after dinner at one of her favourite restaurants, I went down on my knee. 

How did you plan the wedding? 

We hired a wedding planner and it made things easy. All we did was to share with her our vision for the wedding and she made it possible. We were going with modern-rustic theme.

One of the biggest challenges was that the wedding was in NC and I live in Dallas, and Faith was two hours away from the venue and was still in school.

The back and forth travelling was hectic but our wedding planner made sure everything was as we wanted it to be. 

Walk us through the day before the wedding

The venue set-up was done the morning before the wedding since we had rented the venue for a few hours.

The day before the wedding, I took my mother for shopping while Faith took care of a few things in preparation for the big day.

We had our dress rehearsal from 3pm to 6pm and dinner with my in-laws and friends that evening. 

What was memorable about your wedding?

I have been trusting God to settle down and so seeing the day come to pass was truly a blessing. So many men of God were in attendance and I got to be reunited with so many friends from all over the US.

Billy Frank and Faithcaren being presented.

My mother and brother Pastor Steve Ndegwa walked me down the aisle, but the climax was seeing Faith walk down the aisle with her parents. I still can’t explain the feeling.

It was the most memorable thing and I got to sing a special song for her. The song was about falling in love. 

Which part of the sermon do you both remember?

(Laughs) All I remember about the sermon was honouring parents. We will have to listen to the sermon and maybe go through the entire wedding video.

We probably missed on a lot on the day since it went by so quickly.  We noticed details after the wedding while going through the pictures. 

Advice to couples planning their wedding?

Take all the time you need when planning. That way, it’s not rushed. We started planning a bit later. 

Suppliers :

Planner-Mish O’neal

Catering -Sharal Catering 

Videography-Philip Makini Video 

Photography -Karita Photography 


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